#JanuaryJumpstart Day 1: I’ve made a decision. This is the year that I learn to be obnoxiously confident. Hear me out, I have a plan …

So, no one likes a braggart, right? Right. But you know what is equally as tiresome at times? Hearing a smart, attractive, talented person doubting themselves. I am that person, and I am so sick to death of being the self-doubting, overly humble, careful-not-to-sound-too-proud-of-yourself person. I’m sure that the people in my life that know me best will agree: I’m much, much too hard on myself and my exacting standards are ridiculous. So I have decided that I’m going to allow myself the room to brag. If I accomplish something I’m proud of, I’m damn-well talking about it. If I feel hot and sexy, I’m going to share that. If I receive a compliment, I’m not going to deny or belittle the gesture, I’m going to fucking bask in it.

If that makes me a little less likeable, if that makes people raise an eyebrow and think I’m a bit full of myself, so be it. I’m tired of being a ‘shrinking violet’. I’d rather be my own greatest fan than worry about whether everyone agrees with me, accepts me, or likes me. If 2020 taught me anything, it’s that the world just keeps on going without you whether you do or don’t participate, and I’m finally beginning to feel like it’s possible for me to thrive, not merely survive.

So if I seem a bit brash or bawdy, if I’m more vocal and less concerned about pleasing everyone, if I come across as obnoxiously confident, it’s because all of those things are true. Call it self-care, call it self love, call it radical acceptance, I don’t care. What I call it is freedom.

That empty cage? Yeah, I don’t live there anymore.

Obnoxiously Confident


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Additionally, I have linked this post to “Love Yourself”, an incredible self-love project by the beautiful and brilliant Nikki from Love is a Fetish. Check it out and join in! 

3 thoughts on “Obnoxiously Confident”

  1. I have posted this at different places around the net…..being gracious is what we do to allow others around to complement and fluff(for lack of better words i am not a writer) us up. It is not boastful nor egomatic…so please , share a unrestricted Violet with all…

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