It’s lovely that November had enough participation to warrant a teensy round up! Thanks so much for your courage and sense of community – I hope December’s link party is just as good. Here are my top picks for our Comfy & Cozy Edition of Lingerie Is For Everyone …

As we only had 8 link ups I’ve selected the 2 that stood out to me most. Often this is an agonizing decision but


Cosy – by HappyComeLucky 

This image captures “cosy” so so so well. The soft tones, the textiles, the expanses of soft skin and those pompoms! This feels like a winter’s evening spent right!


Cosy Schoolgirl – by Lillith Avir

I’m not usually one for the ‘schoolgirl aesthetic’ but a truly naughty peek at tartan knickers under a tartan skirt with the glare of flash (which gives a VERY voyeuristic vibe) all works so well and I’m not plaid about it (see what I did there?).


Definitely check out the rest of the November links and get into your festive finery for December’s link party. Let’s make it a good one!

Be well, be yourself, wear lingerie!

I'd love to hear your thoughts ...