Sinful Sunday was the first place I felt safe enough to get naked on the internet. Sinful Sunday has pushed me, Sinful Sunday has held me. Sinful Sunday has helped me grow and learn and celebrate my body. Thankful doesn’t begin to describe my feelings.

This is a re-post of my first Sinful Sunday from January 2018, entitled “I know who I am”. I remember posting this with so much trepidation, so much body fear. Molly’s comment on the original post was “I love this high contrast shot!” and honestly, that buoyed me so much.

Molly, I admire you so much, and I’m humbled and grateful for your support, friendship, feedback, and for your astounding contributions to this community.

Happy 500th Sinful Sunday! Here’s to the next 500!

10 thoughts on “Looking back and going forward”

  1. SS is the first place I shared my nakedness on the internet, as well. It has definitely stretched me, and when I look back at all those images, I know that it has had a lot to do with my improving body image and self acceptance. This is a beautiful image and a beautiful homage.

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