Holy moly. I know I say this all the time, but I am constantly impressed by the images that y’all link up for Lingerie Is For Everyone. Stunning, creative, sexy, honest, the list of positive adjectives just goes on and on, but every time there are a few stand-outs that are exceptionally great.


White Pearls
The first time I learned about pearl thongs as a sex thing (the pearls agitate the clit and labia in a very good way) was watching Sex and the City with my parents, no less, and Samantha was explaining how they worked and I wanted to sink into the couch and disappear forever. Regardless of the embarrassment of learning of such things with my parents right there, the idea of pearl thongs has never left my memory. I endeavour to try one some day, and just like Lillith says in her post: maybe screw up the courage to wear it all day.

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I can’t even with this image. Nikki’s shots are always impressive but this one is downright MAGICAL. The lingerie, the pose, the lights, the colours. It’s perfection and also so much fun!

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Zoom Cabaret

I love everything about this image – I love the “Weimar-era Berlin” sensibility, I love the fishnets and boots, I love the fan and I especially love Ginger’s fuzzy armpit. This image is so much more than a sum of its parts, but the parts themselves are also each intriguing and exciting. Really a beautiful shot. Be sure you click through to read which part of this outfit she made by hand!

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Thanks everyone, for a fabulous link-up! Let’s finish out September on the same note – links are now open HERE!


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