[Content Warning: “Game Over” is a work of fiction and it contains playful choking, verbal teasing, rough sex and implied, ongoing consent between an established couple.]

“Can I throw this controller, or will it break?”

“I’d really rather you didn’t sweetheart.” Ascher grimaced.

“I suck, I hate this game.”

Laura dramatically rolled the game controller gently across the couch in revolt against losing for a fifth time.

“Hey. None of that. You don’t suck, you’re just frustrated.” Ascher reached over to squeeze her knee. Laura flopped back into the couch, sulking.

“Do you not want to play anymore?”

Laura sighed heavily. “Well, if you want to play then I’ll play but,” Laura stopped mid sentence. “What? Why do you look so …. devious?”

Ascher chuckled and lay back into his corner of the couch.

“Maybe we could make it more fun? Come here.”

Laura gave him a sidelong look and smiled suspiciously, eyes narrowing. She crawled across the couch to him and grinned as Ascher shimmied out of his pyjama bottoms and peeled off his shirt. He smiled and nodded at her and she followed suit, undressing, laughing as she tossed her clothes just in time for him to pull her closer, her back to his chest. He handed her the controller, his arms around her arms, his chin on her head.

“Better?” he whispered against her neck, his lips tugging at her earlobe.

“Much.” she cuddled back into him. “Care to make it interesting?”

“A wager? Name your stakes.” he replied with a raised eyebrow.

“The loser goes down on the winner for as long as their next game lasts.”

“So if I win this game, you’ll suck my cock while I play the next game alone?”

“Correct. And if I win, you go down on me while I play again.”

“You have yourself a deal.”

Ascher was immediately confident he was going to get his cock sucked but the very idea made Laura’s warm nakedness all the more distracting. They started out well matched, questing and collecting supplies, evading danger, maintaining optimum health stats as their avatars ran and jumped, scrambled and fought. As a less experienced gamer, Laura tended to get caught up in the action and play with her whole body, not just her hands. Ascher shifted around her to see the screen and to avoid the warm heaviness of her bare breasts from resting too long on his wrists, ignoring the turgid state of his cock against her lower back as she lay between his legs. Intent on her character’s survival, Laura leaned forward, the curve of her back inviting Ascher’s hand, but he resisted. He smashed buttons and tried not to look away from the screen but the dimples in the small of her back were calling him. He could smell her hair as she dodged danger, occasionally flipping it over her shoulder or tucking it behind her ears. He played by touch as she leaned forward, not wanting to end the cuddle or take his hand off the controller. They played on and Ascher grit his teeth, focusing relentlessly until Laura’s voice announced his fate.

“Oh no! It got you!” shrieked Laura, pointing to the TV.

“What? Damn it!”

“Did you let me win?” she turned to face him, taking the controller from his hand and straddling his lap.

“I most certainly did not. I would never,” Ascher stammered as Laura softly took his hand and pushed it between her legs. He shuddered at the warmth and incredible wetness.

“No? Not even when losing means …” She pulled his hand slowly back out from between her thighs and brought it to her mouth. Her eyes sparkled darkly, her face backlit by the TV as she slowly sucked his fingers clean, eyes unblinking and locked on his. With both her hands on his wrist she put his hand to her throat and exhaled as his fingers and thumb squeezed steadily.

Her eyes never wavered. Neither did his.

“We started off so well matched. What happened? You should have won. You could have had your dick down my throat by now.”

Laura’s lips curled at the corner, her voice was soft and taunting, patronising. She had never spoken that way to him and he felt his chest and cheeks flush, his hand still on her throat, eager to give her her comeuppance. He growled and squeezed but she continued.

“I would have thought you’d beat me easily, but I guess something must have been distracting you. Poor you.” Laura’s hand pet Ascher’s chest and cupped his balls, rolling them around in her palm. “Still, I won fair and square and I’m ready to collect my winnings. Time to pay the piper.”

In one smooth motion Ascher had her on her back, his hand still at her throat, the other pumping his hard-on, the tip slick with his own anticipation. Below him, Laura gasped and grinned, unphased.

“Yes, but you forget, Princess. He who pays the piper calls the tune.”

Frenzied, he pushed between her legs and she crossed her ankles over his back.

“I should have won,” he snarled playfully, trying to play tough but almost laughing.

“But you lost,” she laughed. “You were mauled by one of those bear things and tossed around like a rag doll.”

“Did I really lose? Because right now, I feel like a winner.” Ascher punctuated his statement by pushing deep into Laura’s cunt and watching as she arched and closed her eyes, the tip of her tongue just barely brushing the inside of her lower lip. They fucked hard and fast, matching each other’s hunger and doubling down until they were both wet with sweat and come. They kissed and rolled into each other, a seething tangle of lips and limbs, energised by their competition, goaded by the other’s pride.

“Time for my prize,” said Laura, sitting up straight, Ascher’s soft cock twitching under her. She leaned down over his chest and for a moment he enjoyed being almost helpless, caught beneath her.

“That wasn’t enough?” He laughed and tried to sit up but Laura’s palms on his chest held him down.

“No, I want what we agreed on.” She leaned down and kissed him firmly.

“You’ll have to let me up, baby, I’ll …”

“No need.”

Laura scooted forward, her knees pinning his arms to his side.

“Oh my god are you going to …” Ascher’s eyes were wide with excitement.

“Collect on our bet? Yes I am.” She steadied herself with her hands on the wall behind him as she dragged a wet streak up his chest and positioned her sopping cunt over his face.

“Fuck yes,” was all he could manage to say as the tropical darkness of her pussy enveloped his face and he held onto her thighs as she pushed his mouth around by his chin, her hips undulating in slow figure eights. Her fingers of her right hand joined his tongue in working her clit, swollen to a wobbling node of electric pleasure as she ground her pelvis into his face. Her orgasm washed over her in the soft, slow motion way that a second or third climax does sometimes, and she rocked against the hot wetness of Ascher’s mouth until every last aftershock was spent. She dismounted clumsily, laughing as she tumbled off of him, flopped against his side.

“That was incredible,” Ascher sighed, wiping his face with the back of his hand and catching his breath.

“Was losing worth it?”

“Oh I didn’t lose, that was phenomenally hot. Did you enjoy your winnings?”

Laura smiled into his shoulder and mumbled something, eyes closed.

“Hmmm?” Ascher poked her hoping she’d repeat herself.

“I said, ‘To the victor go the spoils‘.”

“Victor? Was he here too? Damn it, I didn’t even see him!” Ascher laughed and pulled up a blanket, tucking it around Laura as she cackled at his pun and cuddled closer, closing her eyes.

“Okay, Princess, let’s nap. But I want a rematch later.”

“Deal,” she exhaled, “name your stakes.”

But she was already asleep before Ascher could make his wager. He wrapped around her and kissed her sleeping face.

“Game over.” he whispered and he closed his eyes.

Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.