Well, y’all are really not fucking around, huh? The pics for the first half of August were so smoking hot and sexy I was slack jawed over several of them. Hot damn, what a collection of gorgeousness. But this is a Round Up and there can only be 3, so without further ado …

I’m a little alarmed and surprised that we are already in the back half of August – where is the time going?! This year, as we all know, has been a bit of an abomination and challenging for new and frightening reasons that none of us were ready to face. In the onslaught of bad news, fake news and news that you don’t even want to read, I find that searching out things that are consistent and uplifting is key, and as such I have been trying to lean into this community and participate in projects and memes and gain some steadiness through your collective strength. I hope you’re all doing well and that we can all keep on keeping on. We’ll get through this quagmire, I know it.

Lucky for us there is lingerie to be had, seen, felt, and shared, and boy oh boy did you folks deliver! Christ on a bike, these were some of the best and most uplifting posts we have ever had – I think despite ourselves we are still finding moments of joy and they are sometimes found in a pair of sassy knickers, a new project or a piece of clothing that makes you feel good.


Here is our Top 3:
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Handmade Robe by Ginger Wilde

Well, my socks are officially knocked the fuck off at Ginger’s mad seamstress skills! She made this robe! I could weep, it is so beautiful. This whole image is stunning: the lipstick, the champagne, THE PEARLS, the olive green burnout velvet. I am GOBSMACKED.















Finding Sexy Stuff to Wear by MPB 

I always love MPB’s posts because they are so matter of fact and honest. I know Julie a bot, I think, even having never met in person, but I am confident when I say that she is incredibly authentic; the real deal. This post is as sexy as any she has shared, and I hope that as time goes on more companies respond to the consumer need for sexy, fun, pieces that work for the post-mastectomy crowd. Everyone deserves to feel sexy, and despite the challenges Julie has found a sexy, strappy, light and breezy summer top that fits the bill. And is it just me or do these stripes somehow pair so amazingly well with her beautiful collar?















Yes, I’m a Monster Fucker by Quenby

We have an entrepreneur in our midst! Quenby has launched a shop for bespoke art undies to help you express yourself, no matter what that expression is. Embrace your weird and wonderful with hand painted underthings by MonsterFucker: creating queer, kinky, wearable art. Brilliant, fun and very Quenby!













Thanks so much to everyone who linked up and shared their time and art with us. The new links for August 15-31 are now open. Please share the links, comment on your peers’ work and support one another as best you can. Thank you for making this project come to life and for being such a great bunch of people.

Much love and light,

Love, Violet xo

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