In case you didn’t realise … around these parts, lingerie is for EVERYONE and the definition of ‘lingerie’ is getting broader all the time. So what constitutes lingerie for the purposes of this project? Let’s discuss …

If you type “lingerie” into The Google you will get adverts for typical lingerie companies, and if you search for lingerie images you will see typical lingerie pictures. These companies and images represent a ubiquitous, yet incredibly narrow, view of lingerie and the people that wear it; namely thin, feminine, cis, white women.

But here at LiFE, we don’t prescribe to that outmoded idea of who wears what and why and whether or not it’s ‘socially acceptable’. straight, feminine, thin white women are welcome, absolutely, but there are so many more people who enjoy wearing lingerie, and who enjoy showing it off, (myself included!).

So in case you are ever in doubt of what you have in your undies drawer, or hanging in your closet, and if it is ‘lingerie enough’, here is a (mostly exhaustive) list of what constitutes lingerie for the purpose of this link up:

  • all the usual styles: babydolls, pennoirs, negligees
  • panties
  • boxers
  • briefs
  • bras
  • stockings
  • body stockings
  • garter belts/suspenders
  • tall socks
  • leg warmers
  • shapewear
  • pajamas
  • corsets
  • basques
  • night gowns
  • robes
  • chastity garments (cages or belts)
  • ass-less chaps (I sincerely hope someone has those!)
  • mesh tops
  • leather wear and harnesses
  • body jewellery
  • lingerie you are reviewing on your website
  • swim suits (because why the heck not?!)
  • lingerie you have shared here before
  • comfortable/practical/worn out/”not very sexy” stuff
  • and sometimes, not a damn thing

You may be gathering that this whole project is not really about the lingerie. It’s about wearing things that empower us, having a saucy little secret under your clothes, and feeling good in your skin. Everyone is welcome because every kind of person wears lingerie; it is by no means limited to age, ethnicity, gender identity, body size or shape. Diversity is beautiful, and so is representation. We have the opportunity to share and celebrate our beauty, sexuality, identity and politics through lingerie and that is as valid as any other way that we express ourselves.

So stop worrying that your collection is too limited or that you’ve shown us that piece before. Step into something that makes you feel good and tell us about it. This is a community project and it flourishes when you come along for the ride, whether you share images and thoughts, or you read the work of others and you share their links and leave them comments. This space is for you. It is safe, it is empowering and it is meant to be a celebration, so let’s get this link party started!


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