The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe

The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe

The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe

The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe from Cloud 9 Novelties is a small, slim, vibrator that packs a punch and has become my number one go-to toy. But let me tell you why …

I love The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe

The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe is rather unassuming. It’s slender and gently curved, very sleek with only the smallest textured arrows to tell you where the buttons are. I has a straight end, and a curved, more bulbous, end. What you cannot tell from first glance is that it has two independent motors, one at each end, each with a selection of speeds and vibrating patterns.

My Experience

I have used this vibe almost daily since I got it, several months ago. I was hooked the very first time. It is, hands down, the most comfortable, efficient and pleasurable small vibrator I have ever used. Lord help me if it ever dies. I will be bereft.

I prefer “rumbly” vibes to “buzzy” vibes so I tend to lean towards large wand style toys vs small vibes and bullets. The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe is definitely petite but it is very powerful and having two motors means that you can really customize the experience. I use it a number of ways:

  • with the bulbous end on my clit
  • with the bulbous end on my G spot
  • with the straight end in my vagina – the tapered point is great if, like me, you like deep and direct cervical stimulation
  • with the straight end in my vagina and the bulbous end against my clit at the same time
  • with the bulbous end in my vagina and the length of it against my perineum
  • with the bulbous end against my anus with the length against my vulva

The size and shape makes it easy to hit several hot spots at once and the flexibility of the neck below the bulbous end is fabulous for applying just the right pressure in just the right places.

Solo or coupled

Great with a partner or alone, The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe is equally perfect, either way. I’m almost entirely interested in the solid vibrations of any vibe and I find the pulse and pattern settings mostly unnecessary. The first three settings on the The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe are solid (low, medium, high) and then there are 5 patterns to choose from. Both motors have the same speeds and patterns and operate the same way: press and hold for on/off and scroll through each motor’s button for the other settings.


The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe is USB rechargeable via a nearly invisible port and it recharges fully in under 2 hours. It has an indicator light by the buttons that flashes when it needs a charge or is charging so you always know its status. It is not submersible but it’s “splash proof” so cleaning it is easy with hot soapy water (I rinse mine under running water with no ill effects, I just dry it immediately) or a silicone friendly toy cleaner.

A Certified Fawkes’ Favourite

I absolutely love this vibe and I’m confident you will too. Only my favourite products get the Fawkes’ Faves seal of approval and this vibe definitely earns that title. If you’re looking for a small, reliable and powerful vibe, look no further than The G Spot Slim Mini Vibe! 

Thank you very much to Cloud 9 Novelties for the complimentary product in exchange for an unbiased customer review. All opinions are mine and are my authentic feedback. This post does not include affiliate links. 

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