Welcome back to Write Big Sexy Words – August Edition! We are on the back half of Summer 2020 already! How did that happen? Many of us are roasting in our own juices with record heat waves and political unrest. I don’t know about you, but I welcome any and all distractions these days. So without further ado, here are August’s Words for #WriteBigSexyWords, the monthly prompt of nine words, some common, some lesser known, to help you reframe or expand your sexy writing. Use one, use them all, it’s up to you!

It couldn’t be easier: on the first of the month, each month, I will share a blog post containing 9 big sexy words and their definitions, along with examples that use them in an erotic context. Feel free to use the words and phrases as writing or photo prompts or simply as a resource to bolster your vocabulary and add some new words to your already brilliant creative ideas.

How to Play Along with the# WriteBigSexyWords – August Edition

Check out the #WBSW page here and read up on the rules and grab the badge (or copy and paste from the badge below). Then use on or more of the words for this month in a written piece or as inspiration for an image and link back to this post (using the linky tool below)


This Month’s Words

I have included the part of speech for each word in the table below, but feel free to modify them (deluge can be used as a verb if you want, etc.). Use what ever tense works for you! Have fun with your words!

Type Word Definition
adjective halcyon denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful.
adjective canicular referring to the hottest days of summer; of or pertaining to the dog days of summer
adjective stifling making one feel constrained or oppressed.
noun deluge a flood or sudden downpour
noun lanai a patio or veranda
noun lake a large body of water surrounded by land.
verb writhe make continual twisting, squirming movements or contortions of the body.
verb storm (of the weather) be violent, with strong winds and usually rain, thunder, lightning, or snow.
verb trickle (of a liquid) flow in a small stream.

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