Oh my stars, what a turnout! I had a heck of a hard time coming up with a Top 3 from the July 15-31 link party. So many great posts – sexy ones, moving one, stunning ones – y’all are making me work! At long last I have landed on three posts that are so dazzling, so lovely, that you just have to see them for yourself …

When I do these round up posts I try not to think of who the person is, whether we are friends, or whether I’m obsessed with their writing. I look at the image and if it resonates with me, I short list it. Once I short list, I go back through and look even more carefully, with more intention. Images need not be pro-level, or ‘perfect’, but they must have a quality to them that sticks with me; an image I will think of after I have closed the browser. The images that tend to hit me hardest are the ones that feel authentic. They are often less polished, more spontaneous or they carry a certain drama and intensity. Sometimes I can’t even articulate why I’m drawn to an image. Such is art, such is life. We don’t always have words, so we use pictures.

Here are a few bumbling words about the 3 images that I connected with. I can’t stress enough that all of the links were great this fortnight but these ones, in particular, stayed with me. Thank you to everyone who made this an amazing celebration of lingerie and I hope to see you all again soon!

Untitled by @politelyserving









This is such a hot and indulgent shot; it’s pure Playgirl fantasy: the polka dots and the tiny bow caressing an epic hard-on under impressive abs, not to mention the hand porn. My jaw dropped, honestly. @politelyserving isn’t a blogger but he’s active on Twitter and if you aren’t following him, I recommend you do.

Peaches by Ginger Wilde














Gorgeous lingerie, right? Ginger made the panties. Made them with her own hands to match a shop-bought bra. Made them. Made. Them. To say I am stunned by that fact and deeply impressed is an understatement, but just look at them? Everything about this image is so lovely; the peachy colours, the soft materials, the pose. I die.

Bitch In Heat by Molly Moore

Molly up against the wall with her grey knickers round her thighs










Everything about this image, I love. From the casual yet cheeky posture, to the asymmetry of Molly’s sensible-yet-sexy knickers to the innocent yet lustful energy of the whole thing. Is she begging or demanding? Asking or telling? You’ll have to read the post to understand the sentiment but that’s what great images do … they arouse our senses. 

Stunning work everyone! The next link party runs from August 1-14th and I hope to see you all there!

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