I buy a lot of lingerie. This shouldn’t be shocking considering I run Lingerie Is For Everyone, but buying it =/= wearing it. I have loads of panties that are cute, silky, lacy, racy and they mostly just wait in a drawer until I’m inspired to slip into them and show them off … cue Fridays are for Panties!

When a recent conversation with Daddy turned into a discussion of lingerie and underwear, he was quick to suggest that we make one day a week a Panties Day. We landed on Friday as the best day for it, because how better to end the work week than with sexy underwear? The rules are simple: He chooses a colour and any other specifics, and I wear them … with lots of photos in various states of undress.

This past week was the inaugural Panties Friday. He chose red. He was pleased.


Friday is for Panties


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