Welcome back to ‘Blog Posts I Loved This Week’. I am *really* trying to make more time to read, not just to write. My words are important to me (and hopefully to a few of you?) but there are so many amazing bloggers in this community who have more to say that is of more importance and voices that need elevating. I’m aiming to do a weekly post like this to keep help keep the spirit of sharing each others’ work alive. In future I hope they will be a bit longer with more commentary, but for now, bandwidth allows a quick post of links like this one and last week’s Blogs Posts I Loved This Week.

Please note: not all these posts were written this week, I just happened to read them this week, so it is not strictly brand new content

Blog Posts I Loved This Week

How to Seduce Yourself – A Kinky Autistic

Bisexuality, Shame and the Kiss That Never Was – Molly Moore

By the Light of the Fire – VanillaFreeSex 

American Queer Blackness in June – Caress Scarbrough via OnQueerStreet.com

Socially Distanced Fucking: Making a Clone-A-Willy Fist – Quinn Rhodes

Self Acceptance is Fucking Hard – Love is a Fetish

Lack of Flogging – Lillith Avir


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