Write Big Sexy Words - July Edition : nine big sexy words to help erotica writers expand their vocabulary, Hosted by Violet Fawkes at www.violetfawkes.com

Summer is here my lusty logophiles. It’s time for the hot’n’sticky Write Big Sexy Words – July Edition – no theme this month – just 9 delicious words for you to use in your blogging and smutting (is that a verb? it is now!) And don’t forget: if sharing images is more your style, feel free to use the prompts as inspiration for your erotic photos and self portraits!

Write Big Sexy Words - July Edition : nine big sexy words to help erotica writers expand their vocabulary, Hosted by Violet Fawkes at www.violetfawkes.com

It couldn’t be easier: on the first of the month, each month, I will share a blog post containing 9 big sexy words and their definitions, along with examples that use them in an erotic context. Feel free to use the words and phrases as writing or photo prompts or simply as a resource to bolster your vocabulary and add some new words to your already brilliant creative ideas.

How to Play Along with the Write Big Sexy Words – July Edition

Check out the #WBSW page here and read up on the rules and grab the badge. Then use on or more of the words for this month in a written piece or as inspiration for an image and link back to this post (using the linky tool below)

July’s Words

I have included the part of speech for each word in the table below, but feel free to modify them (quench can become “quenching”, beguile can become “beguiled”). Use what ever tense works for you! Likewise, you’re welcome to use any oft he examples provided as writing prompts. Have fun with your words!

adjective searing extremely hot or intense Moira’s kisses sent a searing ripple up and down Jane’s spine. Was this what love felt like?
adjective wanton sexually unrestrained, promiscuous The look in his eyes was wild, but simmering quietly. His body language was composed but his wanton desire was betrayed by the way he ran his finger slowly around the rim of his glass.
adjective vaporous lacking substance or clarity; vague Rubbing and thrusting against the pillow, she finally finished with a litany of curse words and a vaporous, gasping moan.
verb quench to satisfy one’s thirst, or desire How Leopold longed to quench themself on Rasmus’ pulsing cock, to feel their most holy of holes stretched and defiled.
verb languish to lose vitality, to weaken. also, to pine for someone It would be more than a decade that Sharon would languish in the memorial ache of Vaughn’s passing, her body finally blooming again.
verb beguile to charm or enchant The headmistress had long ago learned just how to beguile the new teaching recruits into a state of blissful submission, an ever evolving roster of eager sycophants at her disposal.
noun fervor an intense and passionate feeling or emotion “Can’t you see that I need passion,” shouted Rajesh, his eyes narrowing. “If you don’t know by now that I am holding back a well of love, of devotion and fervor, then you don’t see me at all.”
noun lustre a gentle sheen or soft glow Dawn looked back over her shoulder before she slipped away in the early morning light. How peaceful her lovers looked, limbs tangled, the lustre of their skin exaggerated by the sherbet colours of sunrise.
noun ruffle made of, or resembling, an ornamental gathered frill of lace “Get me out of this confection of a dress!” laughed Astrid as she tore at the delicate ruffles and tulle. Carson had never seen a bride tearing herself out of her wedding dress before, but then again, Astrid was not a typical bride.

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