the hunger is real

Sometimes you just need what you need. I’m still learning that it’s okay to have needs, to admit that the hunger is real, especially when it comes to sex and sexual/sensual self-care.The last several days have been hard emotionally, full of anxious anticipation, deep thoughts, and moments of overwhelming panic. Sometimes it all just builds up until the dam bursts. I’m impressed with myself though, I bounced back better than I have in the past, in part due to some very loving and attentive people in my life who not only understand me but want to actively help and be available to me when things get rough. Yesterday felt like a hangover from Sunday and was the culmination of nearly a week of tumult, and yet, here I am today, feeling much better. So much better in fact, that I’m blessing y’all with some #tittytuesday action because why not?

Now that the fog has lifted and I’m feeling more myself, I’m craving … intensity. The hunger is real. Not just for pain – that would be fabulous – but primal intensity and delirious pleasure. I’m cunt-deep in fantasy this morning. It’s a rainy, grey, stormy sort of day and I’m feeling very much in touch with my body and all the lust that’s coursing through it. I’m drenched with intricate imaginings of Gothic inspired horror smut; licking the indentations in skin left by the lacings of corsets, being stalked and ravaged in dark woods by a dark creature, having my cunt devoured in a crumbling graveyard.

Today’s wank has been approved (Thank you, Daddy xx) and instructions include a plug, a vibe, lingerie AND clothes pegs, all of which will absolutely feed this hungry mood. Perhaps if you’re all very, very good, there will be pictures to share tomorrow or for Sinful Sunday.


The hunger is real



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