Hello again, my lusty logophiles. It’s time for the June 2020 Write Big Sexy Words challenge and our theme this month is Pride! Join in using one, some or all of the 9 word prompts and write big sexy words all month long. And don’t forget: if images are more your style, feel free to use the prompts as inspiration for your erotic photos and self portraits.


June Write Big Sexy Words

It couldn’t be easier: on the first of the month, each month, I will share a blog post containing 9 big sexy words and their definitions, along with examples that use them in an erotic context. Feel free to use the words and phrases as writing or photo prompts or simply as a resource to bolster your vocabulary and add some new words to your already brilliant creative ideas.

A word or two about this month’s words
This month’s words are a bit more commonplace than our usual prompts for Write Big Sexy Words. They are less of a stretch in terms of vocabulary and more of a creative opportunity to use everyday words in a sexy context, especially if you’re writing something Pride related. This is also a reminder to the cishet writers that writing LGBTQIA+ characters is important if you consider your work sex positive and inclusive!

noun celebration the action of marking one’s pleasure at an important event or occasion by engaging in enjoyable activity. As Jamie danced, their body rippling and undulating to the heavy, relentless beat, all self consciousness fell away and their body became its own celebration, a joyous expression of love and truth.
verb parade walk or march in public in a formal procession or in an ostentatious or attention-seeking way. She fucked me deep and slow, as if she was pouring herself into me through the chunk of silicone dangling from her pelvis and my ecstatic moans were drowned out by the sound of the parade on the street below us.
adjective joyous full of happiness and joy Robin’s brow furrowed, “I just want to be fucked in the most free and joyous way, without shame and doubt. I want to share that with someone who understands.”
verb demonstrate clearly show the existence or truth of (something) by giving proof or evidence. A wave of nervous laughter moved through the crowd as Madame circled the row of shackled men at her feet, demonstrating the power she held, making an example of one with a crisp thwack of the leather-wrapped cane in her gloved hand.
noun pride confidence and self-respect as expressed by members of a group, typically one that has been socially marginalized, on the basis of their shared identity, culture, and experience. Billie looked around the room and watched the groups of folks kissing and fucking, touching each other freely and felt a tighteness in hir throat, a love a for zir chosen family that ze had never known with the family ze was born into.
adjective courageous not deterred by danger or pain; brave. I drooled and sobbed in the ecstacy that comes from utter submission and I had no answer to her question. She spoke softly, which made me cry harder. “You’re so confident and courageous in your everyday life, so why are you such a mewling baby when you’re at my feet?”
noun hope a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Zane looked down as Dahlia kneeled to please him, moved by the hope and love in her eyes. If only he could rouse the same affection. Dahlia didn’t deserve his ambivalence, but he wanted her body more than he wanted to be honest with her. He swallowed the guilt he felt and closed his eyes as his cock filled Dahlia’s throat one last time.
adjective free not under the control or in the power of another; able to act or be done as one wishes. The only time that Charlie felt truly free was in the dead of night, during stolen moments behind locked doors. The meticulously made up face that looked back from the mirror was frighteningly authentic but the freedom of seing himself in drag was tempered by the anxiety of being found out and being misunderstood.
noun identity the characteristics determining who or what a person is. When she was fucking them there was no question of gender or the expectations of how to ‘fuck like a woman’. When they played together her identity was fluid, and it could be completely ignored, which was a new sort of freedom for her.

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June Write Big Sexy Words

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