Saturday again? That means it’s time for your LiFE Weekend Round Up for Week 71!

Let me just say this, in the immortal words of Destiny’s Child: I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly. For real, y’all. It’s been a good week for Lingerie Is For Everyone, with lots of excellent posts and pictures but one really stood out from the crowd.

lingerie is for everyone
image is of Mack Dihle (she/her)

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I’m going rogue again and only highlighting one image from this week. When there are fewer than ten submissions, choosing 3 seems excessive and less like I’m choosing three and more like I’m not choosing the rest. The whole point of LiFE is to build each other up, so on slow weeks we can focus all our applause on one person’s work, and when it’s busier, we will celebrate that week’s favourite three. The more participation, the more highlights, so be sure to share the link-up, use #LiFE and #LingerieIsForEveryone and encourage more folks to join in! Everyone is welcome!

This week’s single highlight spot goes to Fucking While Wearing Period Pads by Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir).  There’s lots to love about this post but let’s start with the image: the composition/cropping is excellent and the content is interesting with a distinctly narrative quality.  No matter what the title of the blog post, if I saw this image, I would want to read more.

As for content, it’s a well written post that tackles some of Quinn’s internal monologue around living and fucking with vaginismus, the culturally implied ick factor of menstruation and how knickers fit into all of that. Go read Fucking While Wearing Period Pads and spend some time on this image, because it is both as disarming, and vulnerable, as Quinn hirself.

An afab person with their legs open, wearing blue knickers with the wings of a period pad showing. Writing on their body says 'spank my boyhole' and 'tease my dick'. Photo.

Big thanks to everyone who linked up this week!

Love, Violet xo

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