Hello Word Nerds, it’s time to stretch your vocabulary once again and exude the artistic writerly confidence of someone who is packing a big, juicy, personal lexicon.

Welcome to the May edition of Write Big Sexy Words!

It couldn’t be easier: on the first of the month, each month, I will share a blog post containing 9 big sexy words and their definitions, along with examples that use them in an erotic context. Feel free to use the words and phrases as writing or photo prompts or simply as a resource to bolster your vocabulary and add some new words to your already brilliant creative ideas.


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A word or two about this month’s words

Unlike past months that had a clear theme, I have taken on some valuable critique from fellow writers and made the list less specific. Instead of prescribing a tone or directions, I chose nine verbs, adjectives and nouns that don’t go together thematically but all lend themselves well to sex and smut. The month of May is officially/unofficially “Masturbation May”, especially in the sex writing world, so I aimed to include terms on this month’s list that could lean towards tales of self pleasure and self indulgence. It’s a lush list and I hope that you enjoy the words and are inspired to stretch your sexy vocabulary and add them to your work.

Type Word Definition Example
adjective voluptuous relating to or characterized by luxury or sensual pleasure The bed was large and low, as luxurious and voluptuous as her soft body, inviting and warm; multilayered and lush.
adjective taut stretched or pulled tight; not slack. Remy pulled the smooth skin of his cock back towards his body, making the head bulge and the shaft taut.
adjective hypnotic exerting a compelling, fascinating, or soporific effect The clock on the bedside table made for a hypnotic soundtrack in the otherwise empty room, as Jill watched herself in the dirty mirror.
noun hollow having a depression in its surface; concave The hollows of Brad’s cheeks were soon filled with their eager fingers, prodding and gouging, reducing him to just a toy.
noun euphoria a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness The euphoria of orgasm was a distant memory, now there was only the blinding intensity of pain and the silence of the wooden box he was kept in.
noun abyss a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm She looked away, unable to meet the taunting abyss of the priest’s eyes, knowing full well that he had already learned the truth about her nature.
verb bridle to bring something under control; to curb I longed to be run down and caught, bridled by his massive hands, pushed to the forest floor and consumed.
verb plunge push or thrust quickly The final plunge of the glass phallus into their tight hole was enough to make me shudder with pleasure and anticipation for my turn.
verb mewl to cry feebly or querulously; whimper There were hours of pleasure ahead, and Finn squirmed and mewled with delight, sopping up every touch and quickly settling into the orgy without fear or hesitation.

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