PSA: There will be no Weekend Round Up for this week. Instead I’d like to remind everyone of the values and energy behind Lingerie Is For Everyone and why it is essential that this remain a safe space for all.

It doesn’t feel right to do a Weekend Round Up this weekend. It feels more pertinent and topical to remind everyone, from casual readers and voyeurs, to regular weekly participants that this blog, and especially the Lingerie Is For Everyone project, is an inclusive, accepting space. LiFE was created with marginalized community members in mind and it will remain a safe harbour for self expression.

Thank you to everyone who linked up this week, your posts are as beautiful and meaningful as always, and I appreciate your presence. 

When I first decided to start LiFE I did so in recognition of the fact that not everyone feels welcome to indulge in lingerie, let alone share themselves wearing it. This applies to all bodies and colours, all genders and orientations, all ages and walks of life; always has, always will. This space exists for all of us who face our own demons and the voices of society at large that say “this isn’t for you”, because I whole-heartedly believe, that lingerie IS for everyone. But beyond that, I believe that the basics of respect and dignity are for everyone.

This is, and will always remain, a space that embraces and accepts, celebrates and up-lifts, everyone who wishes to participate.

The only caveat to that is that you must follow the rules. The rules are simple and should come as no surprise. Please familiarize yourself before participating.

  • Posts must prominently feature lingerie in an image or as a written theme
  • This is a sex, kink, and LGBTQIA+ positive space and submissions that link to blogs/sites that do not support and embrace these values will be deleted at my discretion.
  • Links will be moderated at my discretion
  • Participation may be revoked at my discretion
  • Rules may change or be updated at any time at my discretion
  • This website is 18+ and so must you be to participate in LIFE
  • NSFW content is acceptable, illegal activities are not (not limited to anything involving kids or minors, beastiality, non-consensual violence or use of illegal substances, etc.)
  • Use the badge provided below and ensure that it links back to this page or the current LIFE post
  • All content you link up must be your own (pictures and/or words) and if not, you must have express permission to use it
  • Lingerie reviews are welcome
  • Feel free to link posts that you have linked elsewhere like Sinful Sunday, BoobDay, etc.
  • Support each other! You needn’t comment or share every link but make sure that you encourage and support your favourites each week!
  • Use the hashtag #LingerieIsForEveryone and/or #LiFE when you share your links
  • The link-up post will be available Monday through Thursday with a Weekend Round Up posted on Saturdays. If you’d like to do a Weekend Round Up and share your faves, let me know!

I have had many people, a surprising number, reach out to me this week and ask if they are ‘still allowed’ to join in on LiFE. My answer to that is simple: if you actively uphold values that align with the expectations and rules of the project, then yes. If you are unable or unwilling to express sex, kink, gender and LGBTQIA+ acceptance and allyship, this may not be the link-up for you.

As a cis, white, middle class sex blogger, I do not face the same resistance and barriers that some of LiFE’s participants do, and neither do many of the people who link up each week. That’s okay. Body issues, trauma, and finding your feet in self expression are all valid reasons to participate in LiFE. However, while this space is for EVERYONE, (even the less marginalized among us) this space cannot and will not be tainted by association to rhetoric that goes against the inclusion of those among us with less cultural privilege. Period. If that doesn’t sit well with you or you feel that your privilege is being threatened or challenged by others’ lack of privilege being acknowledged, then I would ask you to consider what you are doing blogging in a sex positive community. If my stance on this is unclear, feel free to message me directly so I may elucidate.

I love this community. I love it’s creativity and brilliance, I love it’s diversity and inclusivity.

I am committed to making this space safe for everyone who wants to join in, and I am open to your suggestions on how best to do that. This is not a vanity project, these values are not cis-saviourship, this is a collaboration and a place to express your words, images, body and identity with like-minded folks. The  awesome bonus is seeing some gorgeous body positivity and identity affirmation along the way. I ask that you are kind, thoughtful and generous as a participant and/or reader and I implore you to support other participants by sharing their posts and actively celebrating diversity within the community.

Thank you for your attention to this PSA and for taking on the continued effort of spreading love, acceptance and understanding.

Lots of love,
Violet xo

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