“I expect you to treat yourself with the same kindness that I do.”

“Yes, Sir. Disregard or disrespect of myself or my body is an affront to your care and possession. I will try to keep that top of mind and remain obedient and accountable. Thank you for the correction.”

“Very good. I want you to drink more water and get more sleep. Now, be a good girl and drink some water for me, drink it down as eagerly as you’d drink my cum.”


I drank the water. I drank a glass then and there, I drank more later, a whole litre between dinner and bedtime. I thought about his cum in my mouth the whole time.

Trust is hard. Letting go of control is hard. It’s hard to be told to go to bed. It’s hard to report on everyday habits and life management. It’s hard to admit that as difficult as it is, it feels so good. And still, as good as that level of care and detail feels,  it’s hard to not resist simply out of ego or obstinance.
And so I drank the water.
I’ll be good for him because he wants me to be good to myself.

5 thoughts on “It’s Not Really About the Water”

  1. Yes!
    Thank you for writing that!
    I feel the very same way. It feels like you took the world right out of my head and the feelings put off my heart.

  2. “Submitting to him is an act of self-kindness…” I think I’ve just had my mind blown because I agree completely, although I’ve NEVER thought of it this way.

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