“Come for me, focus on the throbbing in your cunt. Feel my love flow through it.”

I have been tasked with a daily Journal entry to process my thoughts and feelings on submission, D/s dynamics, and the articulation of my desires and needs in a submissive context. This is the eighth day of my Submissive Journal.

I was relieved of my denial today. After eight days of edging, sexting, sex, and pornography, but no orgasms, I was finally permitted to come. It was, in a word: spectacular.
It’s very late and I am very tired so I’m going to leave the sexy details to your wild imagination. I will say this, though: never underestimate the impact of being a thoughtful and generous lover. Today I was treated to some of the most loving care I have ever known and the occasion felt special and intimate despite being less than ideal in terms of not physically being together. He was thoughtful and prepared, strong and capable, he was responsible and in complete control. In turn that meant that I could be completely present and free, so much so that the final orgasm involved no touching at all. I have come that way before but it’s been more spontaneous. This was carefully crafted, almost musical in its form and composition, drawn out of me like a single silvery thread. I can’t wait for the next one.
Before we said goodnight I was reminded of my tasks and his expectations, as always. He gently taunted me:
“Oh by the way… I said you could come. I didn’t release you from denial. The option to continue it is still there.”
“Oh, I’d like that very much. Can we re-set the clock?”
“As you wish, Love. You know I’ve got your next  orgasm already planned?
“I’d expect nothing less!”
And that, friends, is the story of the first orgasm after denial, for Sir.

8 thoughts on “Worth the Wait”

  1. 8 days. I can imagine it was indeed spectacular. I’ve seen your tweets about the denial so was really glad to see you’d gotten relief. Denial is such a double edged sword. Frustrating and also great. Thank you for sharing

    1. Very double edged and not something for all the time. We both switch so it’s not a Ft dynamic, more a facet of the relationship so I’ll get to cum lots in future for doing so well with those 8 days 😍

  2. It’s such a hate love relationship I imagine, with denial. It’s frustrating during, but also nice that you are restricted by him? At least that’s what I feel like when I have certain rules set out for me. And then the release after days must be such a pleasure, like you describe. I’m excited for you in how this is going to continue!

    1. It’s a strange thing, I feel like I can do and endure things for him that I wouldn’t necessarily do myself. It’s strange and beautiful.

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