Is it Saturday already? Who even knows, these days! It’s all a blur, even for those of us who work from home on the regular. Apparently it’s also April! But enough with all of that! Let’s get happily distracted by some gorgeous folks in gorgeous lingerie!

This week’s picks all struck the same chord in me and brought to the fore, the same idea: affirmation. With the world in such flux and uncertainty we need to do what it takes to feel good and find affirmation where we can. This is not the time for self criticism, this is the time to embrace ourselves and seek the internal and external validation we need, without shame. Panic and fear, as they subside, often are replaced with “neediness”, a desire for closeness and reassurance, kind words or touch that act as a balm to frayed nerves and exhausted psyches.

I know that personally I feel quite helpless but I do truly want Lingerie Is For Everyone to remain a space of support, love, acceptance and diversity. Sharing ourselves and being in our sexuality and humanity can be so healing and can provide the much needed affirmation that we are not just a number, a statistic, or one of a sea of people who are struggling. We are all still individuals with needs and likes and desires. We all still need to feel real and human and wanted. We all need to spread our arms wide and say “I am still here, I am still whole.”

I hope that this space helps. I hope that it brings the kindness and affirmation, and distraction (!!!) that we all desperately need while this storm rages around us. This too shall pass, and until then, we have each other.

Much love and compassion to you all; thank you for joining in, reading along, and supporting the bloggers who link up their amazing images each week.

My Top Picks from this week:

Rope & Lockdown by Lillith 

There’s so much to love about this image; it’s so candid and personal, so sexual, but also very coy. Self tying is a great quarantine pass time and sheer undies are always the way to go! One of my favourite effects of rope bondage (self tied or otherwise) is the way that flesh, even on the fittest bodies, squidges up between the rope. This effect also occurs with snug fitting panties, and I can’t say I’m mad about it! This image does a great job of balancing the strength of seduction with the vulnerability of rope – my very favourite image of the week! Thank you, Lillith!


Starry Knickers & a Galaxy Dick by Quinn Rhodes

Quinn and I have a history of dick chat, ze was the first blogger to interview me and also the first person to ever pay me for my writing, so ze has a special place in my little blogging heart. Those long ago convos on straps and pegging were (and still are) incredibly affirming for my inner Gentle FemDom (now semi retired) and it’s a delight to see hir blogging about hir Godemiche galaxy dick, especially in such celestially stupendous knickers! This image is so much fun and speaks to growing confidence and wearing one’s cock very well, all whilst looking amazing! Talk about a starry, starry night!

Afab person in blue starry knickers wearing a black strap-on harness with a large blue-green dildo in it. Photo.


Cozy/Sexy/Cute by Zero

Lingerie is such a transformative medium for self expression and this post by Zero is a lovely insight into the comfort and self love that it can provide. Aesthetically, this image is outstanding and so rife with details. I love the editorial feel to it, as if it is a page in a European magazine. The light, the lines of her lingerie, the choice of black & white, and the vulnerable flex of her fingers, as if she’s just about to full shrug off the soft kigurumi and step out of it; a butterfly, or perhaps a moth, drawn to light, shedding layers. Other than all of that, I’m speechless. A beautiful image and a lovely little post.



Thank you so much, to Zero, Quinn and Lillith for this gorgeous top 3 and for all the other bloggers who joined in and shared their love of the art of lingerie; you can see the whole gang here. Links will re-open on Monday, so brush up on the rules and get the badge, and start snapping those pics! Have a wonderful, restful weekend, be kind to yourselves.

Love, Violet xo



Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.