Feeling a bit ‘a day late and a dollar short’, but, c’est la guerre, as they say. Stuck inside, doing our best to be kind to ourselves and patient with the world – how better to pass the time than showing off our lingerie and fucking up the patriarchy!  Shall we? Let’s.

Lingerie Is For Everyone is an inclusive, supportive and body positive weekly link-up where you can share your love of lingerie through words and photos.

Lingerie has long been seen as something just for women and it’s often represented by only a very narrow example of women, (usually slim, white, and cisgender, etc.). For something with an almost universal appeal, this makes no sense!

Some lingerie related reads for this week:

A great article from Bustle on what truly inclusive lingerie brands are doing. It’s an awesome list of resources!

A bit of a click-bait title (it worked for me, I was ready to be enraged lol) on 9 Reasons Why Fat Women Shouldn’t Wear Lingerie from revelist.com

Also, I’m still collating a list of volunteers for the future Weekend Round Ups – join in, it’s fun and easy to do!


No matter your gender or sexuality, no matter the size or shape of your body, no matter your ethnicity, if you love lingerie, you are welcome to contribute to this link-up. Your lingerie doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, if it’s an undergarment that you feel good in, that’s all you need. Likewise, if you’re less about pictures and more about words, written pieces that center on lingerie are accepted too – opinion pieces, fiction, and poetry are all welcome. Sexy, silly, provocative, revealing, there are no limits – just fun, encouragement, and community.

If you’re just discovering Lingerie Is For Everyone, read through the how-to page and grab the badge and join in! 


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3 thoughts on “Self Isolation and Self Love via Lingerie”

  1. One of my friends sent me this link earlier: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2020/mar/28/victors-secret-male-lingerie-is-coming-to-a-bloke-near-you. The lingerie isn’t bad, it’s just pointlessly expensive. I bought a waspie that looks just like that one from Ann Summers, for exactly £200 less than this one, and it looks fantastic one. Maybe that’s their USP – convincing blokes that it’s men’s lingerie because it’s so expensive? Whatever, it’s completely lost on me!

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