Cloud 9 Novelties Personal Mushroom Massager

Cloud 9 Novelties Personal Mushroom Massager

Cloud 9 Novelties Personal Mushroom Massager

Cloud 9 sent me a whole box of goodies and this little mushroom massager is among my favourites. It’s small, quiet, multi-purpose and very cute. I love sex toys you can leave out like objets d’art and this little toadstool is adorable and looks inconspicuous on the bedside table.

Meet the Mushroom

This cute little vibe fits comfortably in your hand, but don’t let its small stature deter you. It may be wee but it’s plenty powerful and its rechargeable lithium battery does its job in just under an hour, getting you back in the game ASAP. The Cloud 9 website touts this little mushy as a body massager that is also good to masturbate with:

“This smaller massager is designed to help ease the joint pain, muscle stiffness and joint swelling. This unique mushroom-shaped handheld massager fits comfortably in your hand with two fingers and offers accurate control for perfect pinpoint stimulation.”

As someone who rolls their eyes at vibes being “disguised” as massagers, I have to agree: it does double-duty very well. On sore muscles, it is quite effective. I gave some hand and shoulder massages with it and they were very much enjoyed. But where this fungi (fun guy?) really shines is below the belt.

Getting familiar with the fungi

The first time I felt this vibe ‘below the equator’ I wasn’t alone, but I did manage to stutter, “The new mushroom …. yeah that one…” to my partner and within moments it was purring between my legs and he was purring into my ear. It was in his hand and I could move against it easily and it immediately set me on the home stretch to a rather fantastic orgasm.

Everyone’s vibration preferences are different; I like a fairly rumbly vibe so I tend to gravitate to bigger wand styles and I avoid small vibes and bullets. This mushroom vibe has opened my mind (and legs!) to small vibes, so long as they pack a punch and don’t buzz at too high a frequency. This little vibe does just that and the wide, smooth head distributes the vibration so it’s not an overwhelming pinpoint of motion, nor is it so broad and bland that it’s ineffective. For me, it provided just the right amount of rumble and hit all the right spots.

Fun and easy to use

Going solo with this vibe was equally as perfect, and it gave me a chance to work through its nine settings. For me, the patterns and rhythms that most vibes sport are unnecessary to me and not really a selling feature. The first three settings are solid (low, medium, high) and then there are 6 patterns to choose from. It operates with just one button on the bottom of the “stem”.

I love toys with single, easy to use buttons, and this one is especially good because it’s not easy to press it unintentionally so it stays on the setting you set it at. The whole mushroom is silicone making it body safe and easy to clean and sterilize. It’s waterproof but not fully sealed so I wouldn’t take it into the bath, but it’s easily washed with hot water and soap (or your favourite toy cleaner)

Why you’ll want to add this mushroom to the menu

  • It’s lovely and quiet
  • It’s powerful
  • Rechargeable in under an hour
  • Small and discreet, great for travel
  • Good variety with 9 settings
  • Totally made of silicone for easy care and cleaning
  • Body safe
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • it’s cute as heck!
  • it retails for a cool $59.95

A Certified Fawkes’ Favourite

I love this little mushroom and I’m confident you will too, that’s why I give it the Fawkes’ Faves seal of approval. Don’t underestimate this little nugget of pleasure, it’s a powerhouse that feels great no matter how or where you use it.

Thank you very much to Cloud 9 Novelties for the complimentary product in exchange for an unbiased customer review. All opinions are mine and are my authentic feedback on the Cloud 9 Novelties Personal Mushroom Massager. This post does not include affiliate links. 


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