It’s been a minute since I did the Weekend Round Up – thanks to a small army of volunteers – and I’m enjoying the process immensely. It was a small link party this week and that gave me more time and bandwidth to read and choose the images to highlight but just because there were only 6 links, doesn’t mean I wasn’t spoiled for choice.

When I conceived of Lingerie Is For Everyone I hadn’t thought much about doing a weekly roundup or a highlight reel. I get anxious when I feel like I’m excluding people (hence the inclusive meme!) so choosing “favourites” makes my tummy flip a bit. I know that everyone understands that it’s not about favouritism, it’s about the images that stuck out to you, that stayed with you after you read the post, or that really resonated with you, and I hope no one feels short changed. In fact if most people weren’t loving the Weekend Round Up I’d happily scrap it. LiFE is about building each other up, not pulling each other down.

So, in the spirit of magnanimity, since the world is all a bit much right now, and so many of you are missing Eroticon (but good on Molly and the Eroticon Team for making that call, I support them!) I have decided to highlight ALL the links from this week.

So here they are, in all their glory, with a few thoughts on each by yours truly. Please click through to the original posts and give them all some love.

Wearing It Proudly – by Lillith 

What an image. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve had marks like this but just seeing this image makes my flesh ache in a good way. The combination of the black bra with the hidden-but-not-at-all-disguised bruising is quite something. The metallic thread in the fabric also adds to it, and the use of flash gives it a heavily voyeuristic feel, as if I’m not supposed to be seeing this. But I am. And I like that.


Despair – by Deviant Succubus

This image embodies its title. Devi is usually so present in her images with a gaze that pins you to your chair. But this … turned away, semi exposed, face wrapped in arms … I’m chilled. The overexposure feels like a deliberate choice – the abstraction and shock of negative space, the high contrast. I’m so intrigued.



Making an Entrance – by PurplesGem

One of the comments on the original post is “She sure knows howto pose!” and I can’t say I disagree. The gritty b/w, the demure pose with the fabulous lingerie all combines to look a bit like a film poster to me. It’s deeply narrative and I want to know what happened right before (or right after?). First rate capture, which is no surprise from The Purples.

Making an Entrance


#LingerieIsForEveryone – by A Man Called Alice

Goddamnit, Alice, do those legs ever end?! This is a LOOK. I’m living for the mixed fishnet, the cheeky thong and those boots are to die for. Alice never fails to dazzle and has one of the sexiest wardrobes imaginable and puts it to good use. I feel like I need a drink …

Lovehoney Basque Review – by LSB

LSB has a way of making any lingerie she wears for reviews look exactly like something I want to buy, even when it’s not my style or size, etc. There’s something about how natural and un-selfconscious her lingerie images are, how she presents the pros and cons so plainly yet still always looks amazing. In part I think it’s that her poses convey emotion even though they clearly model the lingerie. It’s a great combination of artistic license and good marketing. LSB also really suits the niche of cute-n-kinky gear, much like the piece she’s modelling in her post this week.

day twenty four of febphotofest


An old friend – by Married Toys

“Comfortable, sexy, dependable …” is how this piece of lingerie is described in the original post and I can see why. I love the treatment of this image, the vintage-y filter and the old school frame suit the pose and the piece so well – the softness and vulnerability is palpable. The question is does that dropped shoulder strap make you want to reach in and fix it, or gently pull the other one down. And how could you ever choose?


Thank you so much to everyone who joined in this week. Links will open again on Monday. Just think of all the selfies you can take whilst self-isolating? Be well, be happy, and enjoy all that beautiful lingerie! 


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