Well, it’s been a week. There’s not much more than that to say, but hey-ho, it’s Friday and if nothing else, that means the #LiFE Weekend Round Up. TGIF, right?! This Weekend Round Up is from Lillith Avir whom you may know from Twitter or her blog.

I was happy when I got the opportunity to do the round up for LiFE. I have yet to participate myself, so I guess there will soon be lingerie images on my blog and on Twitter!

I loved the images this week and it took me a while to chose my favourite 3.
I really enjoyed the light, the black stripes on her skin. 
The beads add a wonderful touch and I can almost feel them on my skin myself. 
This image made me imagine watching her as she is getting ready. And it makes my mind wonder off to getting ready for him myself. 
Thanks, Lilly, for the awesome picks. Next weekend I will be doing the Weekend Round Up, so feel free to make the choice extra difficult with your fabulous pictures and words! Have a great weekend, everyone, don’t forget to adjust your clocks, if applicable!

I'd love to hear your thoughts ...