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It seems that something is in the air this week with the NSFW corner of the blogging world; lots of frustration and sense of in/justice, and more censorship and general hegemonic bullshittery. Please remember that you don’t have to save the world, or change the world, all in one day, and you don’t have to do it alone.

Our Weekend Round Up Rounder-Upper this week is @Kisungura, a long-time contributor to #LiFE who has a beautiful and passionate blog full of incredible images. I’ll let her introduce herself, but please do check out her work, give her a follow and click through to the original posts she refers to!

I’m currently taking a break from blogging at https://mycontrolledascent.com and tweeting at @kisungura for personal reasons, but when Violet got in touch to remind me that I had agreed to select this week’s LiFE round up, and check whether I was still able to do it, it was important to me to honour my commitment and not let anyone down. I can’t think of a better way to dip my toe back in by having the pleasure of enjoying the twelve sexy, sensual and stunning images that comprise this week’s submissions.

I have always thoroughly enjoyed supporting this wonderfully body positive meme by creating and linking up my own erotic photography posts but, most of all, I have always found the Lingerie Is For Everyone meme to be positive, supportive, inclusive and incredibly celebratory and inspirational.

As always, the standard of the posts this week is high, making choosing just three very difficult! So, and in no particular order, I’ve finally managed to narrow down my initial choice of five to my final favourites –


Birthday Bum by Marie
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I’m always drawn to an understated but well considered composition and this is no exception. I love the off centre framing of this and Marie’s bottom is as pretty as a peach, inviting us to zoom in to study the intricate details of the delicate lace and find beautiful freckles and moles scattered like treats across her skin. Happy belated birthday Marie, I hope it was as wonderful as this celebratory shot, I certainly appreciate you sharing it with us.


image of my butt in stripy knickers for day twenty six of febphotofest

Day 26 by LSB
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Another beautiful behind to behold as Little Switch Bitch teases us with a colour pop where we don’t immediately expect it. I’m keen to paint the red and pink hues of her cute candy cane striped knickers across her flesh to reveal the true crimson bloom of what appears to be a freshly spanked cheek. An exciting and erotic image that also had me zooming in to enjoy the details of the marks left behind.

Strong stance, boots and leather jacket

The Breadcrumb Trail, Pt 1 by Posy
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Posy rocks in this stunning shot! The powerful and alluring contrasts of leather and lace; giving a nod to biker chic with the fabulous boots, belt and jacket, paired with prettily patterned sexy sheer fabrics that reveal just enough is a winning combination. I particularly love the low viewpoint and forced perspective that accentuates the strong utilitarian nature of the boots, leading our eye upwards to those utterly fantastic big glamour pants….and all of this BEFORE that incredibly hot and teasing tale! *goes off to fan self until the next instalment*

A big thank you to Kisungura for surfacing from hiatus to give us these thoughtful picks for the Weekend Round Up, and for being such a great support and participant with #LiFE since its inception.

Next week’s Weekend Round Up will be chosen by Lilly (@Lillith_A on Twitter) who blogs about life and love and kink. Give her a follow and tune in next Friday for her hot takes on Week 59. 

New links open Monday, as always. Looking forward to the brilliance you’ll all capture and share. Thank you for being a part of this project.

Love, Violet xo

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  1. I love that you picked me Kis, and your thoughts on my picture composition are fabulous – to me it’s just luck whether my vision works, but I like learning why it does!
    I enjoyed the others in your picks but your job of choosing was hard – so many delectable pictures this week. Thanks so much for coming back to social media for the judging. xx

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