Hello Friends – I don’t usually get too personal on the weekly posts, but I woke up to the enraging news that my VF Instagram has been nuked completely. This is the second time and both times it’s been immediately after I pushed back re: a follower being gross and inappropriate. Apparently it’s fine to send gross dick pics in DMs but not to warn other Instagram users that those dick pics are being sent. I refuse, in almost all contexts, to use the word “victim” for myself, but in this case, Insta is absolutely victim blaming and I’m being punished for responding to being digitally sexually assaulted. I pay the price for harassing the harasser.


And so, my blood is boiling, and I’m feeling even more passionately than usual that Lingerie Is For Everyone is more than a fun prompt and camaraderie, it’s a revolution! Because in a world where self expression is only encouraged if it blends away to nothingness in the cultural quagmire that is mediocrity, having the audacity to push the boundaries (and assert your own!) is a revolutionary act.

Do you know what threatens mediocrity? Excellence.
And do you know who is excellent? You are. And I am.
And we are, together.

I implore you, do something today, tomorrow, this week, that would enrage the hegemonic powers that be. Get naked on the internet, protest your government, stage a love-in, or any other radical act you can muster, but don’t take life lying down and don’t let anyone tell you who you can be, what you can wear, who you should fuck, or how many people you can love.

Lingerie Is For Everyone LogoIf you’re new here and want to know what the hecking heck this #LiFE stuff is all about, read all about it here. 

And incidentally if you want to follow my new NSWF Instagram, (@foxyvioletfawkes) please do – I will follow back if you promise not to send me dick pics.

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