It was another epic week for lingerie in this little corner of the internet and our dear friend @MostlyVanilla has the epic job of sifting through the post and pictures and sharing his favourite 3 with us. See what he has to say! 

Hello! I’m Van and it’s my pleasure to do the round up this week. You can find me on twitter at @MostlyVanilla an account I made to safely explore my sexuality and connect with lovely people. I’ve grown so much through this community, even as someone on the fringes of it, and interacted with so many lovely and fascinating people.

I’ve been following the Lingerie is for Everyone meme since it started and as a guy who sometimes enjoys wearing lingerie and sometimes flips gender it’s been wonderfully affirming. It’s the inclusive nature of the meme that hooked me from the start and that I think is so amazing and needed. So thank you Violet, for this fantastic project and for allowing me to do a round up.

My choices for my three highlights are of course highly subjective and I don’t wish in anyway for folk to perceive me as picking the 3 best. Instead I’ve picked images that appeal to me and tried to say a little something as to why.


Wanted – Purple’s Gem
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I adore a photo that suggests a thousand possible narratives and this is a prime example of that by Purple Soul and Little Gem. Fantastic composition and lighting. It feels like I’ve stumbled upon this scene and caught Little Gem in a moment of solitude but her attention is consumed by something beyond the bars. Am I looking for her? Longing and vulnerability, but also purpose and strength. The duality of lingerie is captured wonderfully here.

Open Lotus – MLSlavePuppet
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The pose is this photo caught my attention and then continued to hold it. Marie Louise experiments delightfully and playfully with pose and form here and as far as I’m concerned it is a triumphant success. I love playing with the height of a camera when taking photos and this photo makes me want to go out and find new willing subjects to take photos of. Sexy, playful, and superb.

Netception – Master’s Musings
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Fishnets and a net skirt in one! Well I’m a sucker for a bargain, and what a bargain indeed. I adore the playfulness of these photos and the combination is fantastic. The options to play with light and two shifting netting patterns is extremely tantalising. I’d love to see Master do a twirl in this outfit. In fact I’d love to twirl in this outfit! Simply delightful.

Thank you, Van! Such an articulate and well chosen group of favourites. I’m with Van too, it’s not that these are the best images or articles, they are the ones that resonated with him. Each week the guest “judge” (what’s a better word for that?) highlights the posts that moved them, captured them or that they just couldn’t get enough of. And can you blame them? Y’all take some very intriguing images!

Links open again Monday, let’s have a great week again! Thank you again to Van and all the participants this week – I’m forever in awe of you all!

Love, Violet xo

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