{CW: impact play}

I love long, lazy weekend afternoons in bed, especially when  my panties are yanked up betwixt my cheeks and my ass is thrashed with hitty things.

I love it when he spanks me. I love his bare hand, but I love the bite of the cane. He loves to use it on my tits and bum, the palms of my hands, and the meaty parts of my legs. If I’m very good while he destroys the flesh of my thighs and rump, he’ll bless me with white hot lashes to the soles of my feet.

This particular caning was a slow burn. He depended upon the cumulative effect of cracking the cane across skin that was still hot from the last strike. He knows just how to undo me.

The following is just under six minutes of Ralph London working me to tears with a variety of canes. The recording is very NSFW and unedited. Apologies for occasional dead-air and the shuffle sounds at the beginning and end.


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