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Our guest this week is Jae Lynn and she has put together her thoughts on her three favourite images this week.  I am so grateful for JL and all of you who help out with the Weekend Round Up. Fantastic Mr. Fawkes and I were both out of commission with a stomach bug this week (decidedly unsexy, I know) and I’m just now feeling whole again, so it is a tremendous help and such a delight to host such positive feedback from members of the community. It takes a village, sometimes! So, without further set up, here are Jae Lynn’s words and the images that stood out to her this week. She’s included links to her work so do follow her on that bird app we all know and love, as well as popping by her site to read her hot, sexy, smart and thoughtful words.


Hiya I’m Jae Lynn (aka @RantingsofaNM) and I’m a sex blogger in the U.S. I’ve been blogging a little over a year now and I finally feel like I’ve found a community that accepts me and my quirkiness.

I’ve had a love for lingerie for many years, but I never felt comfortable wearing it. I was always a chubby kid and as an adult I was very insecure with my body.  Over the past year I’ve shared many images of me in lingerie on my blog (https://Rantingsofanonsensicalmind.com) and the credit goes to #LingerieIsForEveryone. I have joined in this fabulous meme from it’s beginning and it has helped me feel good about myself and feel a bit more comfortable being plus size. It is one of my favorite memes (I promise I’m not just saying that). The reason is that Violet makes it a point to include every person, it doesn’t matter gender, shape or size, all are welcome. So without further ado, here are my picks for the week.



My first pick is a gorgeous lady with a sexy bottom. The panties Marie Louise chose hug her curves in the most delicious way and the crisscross pattern draws you in for a closer look. The angle of the photo makes you want to look a bit closer as she has picked a panty that is also crotchless. Take a look and see if you can tell, you won’t be disappointed.



Master’s Musings

I get all giddy inside when men participate in #LiFE. MM gives us a Tommy Hilfiger vibe with this image. He jokes about the ad industry stating if they were into a “middle-aged unsporty hairy dude” he may have a shot. I like the realness he portrays and it makes the photo all the more sexy. Check out his post for a giggle and an ad-worthy image.



Posy Churchgate

Last but not least is a beautiful lady with a kind soul and a rock and roll heart. Posy gave us a poster style image and was brave in showing us her tummy. “It’s never been flat or toned so I always hid it, then in my 40s I gained a surgery scar like a zip down the middle.” She resonates something many of us feel- she isn’t perfect and it’s okay. I really connected with her post this week because it takes courage to bare a sensitive area on one’s body. Check out her image and the music that influenced her in her post.


A huge thank you to Jae Lynn for her excellent choices here, though if you have seen this week’s lineup you’ll know how tough a choice it must have been!
Our next Weekend Round Up will be by The Purples aka PurpleSole and littlegem. If you don’t know them yet, stop by their amazing photo-forward blog and follow them on Twitter! If you want to be a Weekend Round Up guest, please go here for more info. Next week is St. Valentine’s Day and I can think of no more sexy or lovey-dovey a couple to take the wheel on choosing fabulous VDay picks.
Have a sexy, empowered, authentic week, my friends. Fresh links open on Monday and will remain open through Thursday, as per usual. Feel free to embrace (or reject!) the Valentine’s sentiments of mid-February and wear what makes you feel good, not what the magazines encourage. Self Love > Fashion. Always.

4 thoughts on “Jae Lynn’s Picks – #LiFE Weekend Round Up”

  1. Awww Jae-Lynn I am honoured! Thanks so much, the quality and content of the pictures in this meme is always great but I am glad you chose 2 pictures that are ‘keeping it real’ because that is the ‘superpower’ of this inclusive link-up! Like you my confidence has been boosted by participation here – not purely for the lovely feedback I get but for the way all bodies participate and we get to see our ‘worst bits’ as actually OK. Thank you my friend and everyone else who joins in.

  2. Thank you so much Jae lynn! I’m blushing as I read your first sentence. I’m glad you noticed the other bit to these panties ?

    I really like what you’re saying about your own experience with this meme and how it has helped you feel good about yourself. I guess it shows how much difference a supportive community can make.

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