This weekend’s Round Up is by Syb, aka @SybariticHeart on Twitter. I’ll let her words below speak for themselves, but do definitely give her a follow if you like smart, thought provoking and poetic tweets and a no nonsense voice in the NSFW world.

Hi, my name is Syb. I’m an American but I live in France. Since the demise of tumblr I can be found on twitter. I waded into the NSFW kink side of social media to learn more about myself and my sexuality. I truly love the openness and support I’ve found there. My twitter handle is @sybariticheart
I have always loved lingerie. But the past few years I have needed to spend a lot of time learning how to love my own fat body in lingerie. Unlearning negative social conditioning and challenging negative body image. And it has really been through following plus size women on NSFW twitter and seeing their beauty and sensuality that has changed my relationship to myself and my own desirability. Projects like Violet’s #LingerieIsForEverybody are so important. Not only do they provide some voyeuristic fun (which, let’s be real, is something we all need a bit of) but they also open our eyes to the beauty of everyone. It was so incredibly hard to choose because all the photos were amazing but without further ado, here are my top 3 for this week.
Kisungura’s vibrant silky red corset and the contrast of her milky porcelain skin immediately struck me. There are so many textures and contrasts. Soft and hard. Sharp lines and bowed curves. Fantastic. I also love how almost topsy turvy this image feels, beautifully erotic and slightly disorienting at the same time. Oh and the quote in the caption is sublime.
The lingerie looks fabulous on Nikki but what I really love is the whole composition. The relaxed but sweet cross legged pose. The comfort in her body yet the tension of sexual desire coming through her eyes so strongly. The caption is great and her belly looks perfect. Just really love this.
Dressed in Lace
Littleswitchbitch in lace is the first image I saw this week and it absorbed my attention right away. The blurriness makes you look harder to almost try see what’s behind it all. The elegance of floor length lace is very flattering. And I love the flash of light on her thigh that appears neon, lending the image a kind of dual personality that is very appealing.
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Many thanks to Syb for her thoughtful words and tremendous picks. It was a particularly gorgeous and empowered week it seems, so well done for narrowing it down. Next week’s guest for the Weekend Round Up is Lady J aka @RantingsOfANM
Links open for Week 55 on Monday, have a great weekend!
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