Sheesh. What a month.

It seems that the internet has come to a consensus that January 2020 was unnecessarily long. Who knows why it felt that way, but hivemind and collective complaining have confirmed it: January was a tough month.

Myself, I’ve had a rough time of it this month with lots of personal stuff impeding my overly ambitious plans and knocking me down a few pegs. I’m trying to look at it as “if I can do this, I can keep going” and just putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes that’s all you can do!

Did you join in on January Jumpstart? If you did, I hope that it motivated you and helped you get your rhythm for writing this year. If, like me, you missed some days – don’t fret! Joining in on things and following through is harder than it sounds, so even trying to become more disciplined with blogging is a valiant effort. I’m proud of you, of us.

A whopping 106 links were added to January Jumpstart this year, and they contain all sorts of posts on a huge range of topics. I’m still chipping away at them, – it’s a lot of reading! – and if you haven’t dipped into them, I recommend you do.

Thank you, everyone who participated! Let’s do it again next year!


5 thoughts on “And So Ends The Month That Lasted One Hundred Years”

  1. I think I missed two or three posts, just towards the end. It’s is a nice prompt, as you say a little motivation.

    I too will be glad to bid January adieu, although February isn’t looking too promising either!

    Sweetgirl x

  2. Thank you for having this. It truly helped me get back into writing after how tough things were so I really appreciate you for this. I didn’t necessarily manage every day, but I’m so happy with what I did.

    Happy February to you, Violet. I hope it’s an amazing month.

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