Joy Asitflies is originally from London but, overcome by Brexistential angst, moved to Berlin in 2019. She started blogging on Tumblr but moved to her own blog so as to intersperse pictures of her bosoms with random bits of longform smut and impassioned rants about BDSM, mental health, addiction and recovery, body image and fake Fetlife Doms. Her blog is and her Twitter handle is @bestillmybeaten

I’m fucking delighted to have Joy share her ideas, thoughts and feels on this week’s contributions. Joy is a delight, and smart as a whip. I have never met her or heard her speak but something tells me she has a delightful laugh and shares it generously. Here’s what she had to say about her top 3 for this week. (click on the image to go to the original post)

This is my second go at doing a photography round- up and I’d completely forgotten how difficult it is! I could babble compliments about every one of this week’s pictures- every single one inspires me. So much confidence and creativity- and vulnerability too, and that’s the thing that makes me want to play copycat the most. Massive thanks to all of the contributors for so decisively bringing it this week!

Deviant Succubus

I really love this photo. I’m extremely jealous of Deviant Succubus’ black lacy confection and spot on eye makeup; just a little bit bewitched by the sexy, no- nonsense gaze at the camera. Someone is *not* fucking around, and it’s hot as heck.


Violet Fawkes

Violet’s contribution really spoke to me, not just because the picture was such a lovely depiction of lazy, Summery repose, but because I really identified with the words that accompanied it. Finding a balance between rejecting femininity and finding a personal and authentic connection with it is something a lot of people struggle with, I think, and I really reading enjoyed Violet’s experiences.


Can I shower this photo with compliments? (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it). I love the framing on this shot- I didn’t know what I was looking at to begin with, so cleverly has Kisungura used the design of the bra to confuse the eye. This photo is so atmospheric and I can practically feel the hot water hitting my own skin.


Many thanks to Joy for her insights and for choosing my post! That is always a nice surprise. Cheers, and thanks for stopping by; this week’s links open tomorrow. 

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