I have decided to be a bit more planful this year with February Photofest, and take some images in advance. Last year I did many days but not all of them and it was a legitimate challenge, but one that I really enjoyed. I want to try my best not to recycle images from past posts this year, but instead create 29 new images for this project, all of which work with my chosen theme: Reflection.
I am notoriously bad at “a-post-a-day” memes (even though I run two of them, #JanuaryJumpstart and #BlogDaysOfSummer which happens in August) and I have tried and failed twice to complete Hyacinth’s #EveryDamnDayInJune, however … I know that writing and art are disciplines, not just hobbies or callings, so I want to be as prolific as I can. I have so many ideas and thoughts and exciting visions for February Photofest 2020 that I am busting at the seams and really wanting to be as organized as possible to set myself up for success.
This post is early, it’s still January so I’m using it for #JanuaryJumpstart as well. Let’s consider it an introduction of sorts (and really, any excuse to snap a pic of my own ass!). If you want to learn more about my thoughts on February Photofest and choosing a theme, check out my February Photofest 2020 page.
Enthusiastic for this project? Buy me a coffee, and help keep the wi-fi on and the content flowing. Thanks for your help and consideration! 

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready: February Photofest 2020”

  1. FPF is making me nervous this year. But I think you can join these month long memes even if you know you can’t post every single day. I’ve missed quite a few for Jan Jump Start, but it has encouraged me to post more than I would have without the added motivation.

  2. I LOVE your chosen theme, and I love that you are so organized! I need to start editing images, and take a few more, to get me through February Photofest, but time, time, time…

    Rebel xox

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