We talk about cuddling a lot, which isn’t surprising. Conversation tends to veer towards the simple pleasures when you’re far apart and wishing you could touch each other. We talk about sexy stuff too, but to be honest, the cuddle chats are really my favourite. They aren’t always PG-13 and they often lead to more specific and sensual ideas, but nothing makes my heart race like reading a text that says “Come cuddle me?”

First we choose our spoons, who is big, who is little. There’s always talk of how we’d lay, how good a face in the curve of a neck feels, how curious we are to smell each other’s warm skin. We walk through the building of a good cuddle together and then we share our sweet and sleepy sentiments. Our lush imaginations make it easy, our anxious hearts make it more complicated. And when in doubt, a billion pixels say it all: I love you, I wish you were here.


12 thoughts on “Virtual Cuddles and Other Hungers”

  1. I’m a versatile spoon haha. I’ve had many a convos about cuddles with distance friends and partners though, I know how that longing can feel.

    You look fucking INCREDIBLE in that pic too! Hot damn!

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