Go see the whole roster from Week 51, there are so many great images and uplifting posts! 

This week’s Round Up comes from @ManCalled_Alice, the first of many lovely, generous volunteers whose hands shot up when I asked if anyone wanted to help out with the weekly highlights posts. I now have a dedicated page for #LiFE highlights guidelines and it includes a schedule of volunteers. If you’d like to add your name to that list and provide your thoughts and commentary on pieces you enjoyed, contact me directly!

Here’s what The Man Called Alice had to say about his favourites this week:


Hello, I’m The Man Called Alice (@ManCalled_Alice) and this is my first attempt at reviewing the #LingerieIsForEveryone submissions. As you may have guessed, I like to wear a bit of lingerie myself and I am no stranger to #LIFE, but it felt unseemly to submit one myself in the week I was chosen as a reviewer. 

I don’t have a blog (yet), but you can find me spouting nonsense and showing off my lingerie on Twitter (& Flickr actually!).

So, to my choices for the week, in no particular order of preference:


WeConnect – (weconnect.home.blog)

I love this picture for its simplicity and the full on approach to the camera – such bravado – a real statement of “hey, look, this is me and I love my body!” (and we do too!). I also enjoyed the back story and the fact that the lingerie is now bought for the happiness of the wearer, not the observer.











Deviant Succubus (deviantsuccubus.com) 

I confess to a penchant for borrowed underwear myself, which leads me to love this picture. Yes, I enjoy wearing other peoples’ lingerie, but if they are wearing mine too, then that is explosive! I fully understand DS’s feelings on wearing her Master’s undershirt and hope she explores this further!















Leather and Lace from kisungura (mycontrolledascent.com or @kisungura) is just such a wonderful picture, full of colour and hidden promise. Subtle, yet in your face sexy. I think we all wish we could spend a night/lifetime in a bed like that. I look forward to seeing more pictures in this setting.








All in all a good start to the year. All the submissions were excellent and it was a struggle to pick just three. I promise to submit myself for scrutiny in future weeks!

I hope you have enjoyed my first attempt at review!

Alice x

Please join me in thanking Alice for his thoughts and kind words, and let’s all encourage him to start the blog he hinted at! I for one, would love to read more of his perspective and see more of his fabulous pictures.

Next week, we have the lovely and incomparable @_Masterseye stepping in to do the highlights and I’m excited to hear her take, because she is always so positive and finds beauty in the smallest details.

Links re-open on Monday for Week 52! Be there or be square!


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