Year: 2020

Stretch marks and Other Flaws

How does one learn to love their body? How do I go about the process of actually seeing my body as it is, instead of through squinted eyes, or through the lens of others’ hurtful, flippant, presumptuous gaze? How do I do this, and where do I begin?

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Low Protocol Is Not No Protocol

When does a habit become a ritual? When does a ritual become a rule? These are the existential kink questions that I love to muse upon. Every power dynamic is different and we may have a relaxed dynamic, but low protocol is not no protocol.

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January Jumpstart Begins January 1st

January Jumpstart begins January 1st! Are you ready?

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Getting my sexy back

I struggle with body image. I am forever careening hopelessly along the spectrum of self-appraisal, somewhere between total bridge troll and absolute sex goddess. I have not been feeling sexy lately, but I think I am finally getting my sexy back?

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“Be the setting that holds another person up to the light like a precious jewel, letting every facet of who they are sparkle and shine, revealing all the colours within their heart.”

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What I mean when I tell you to fuck me

The Kink of the Week topic is fucking. Ooof. I could say so much, and yet, fucking needs almost no introduction, so read on to learn exactly what I mean when I tell you to fuck me …

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Are ‘maintenance’ spankings necessary for submissives?

Are ‘maintenance’ spankings necessary for submissives?

I love the prompts that Lillith comes up with for No True Way because they swirl me into a temporary, yet incandescent, rage every time. The phrase for NTW #13 is exceptionally infuriating! But let me tell you why …

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#LiFE Round Up – Cozy November

It’s lovely that November had enough participation to warrant a teensy round up! Thanks so much for your courage and sense of community – I hope December’s link party is just as good. Here are my top picks for our Comfy & Cozy Edition of Lingerie Is For Everyone …

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