It’s been a big year.

Lots of ups and downs, lots of learning, lots of letting go. I have had some sincere heartbreaks and set backs, I have achieved things I didn’t think I ever would. I am tired, and hopeful and ready for the “fresh start” feeling of January, the post-Holidays quiet and the focus and energy that comes from feeling prepared and organized.

I am not a highly efficient person. I am easily distracted, impulsive, flighty but I’m hard working and well-intentioned. I have stopped trying to fight the impetuous creative energy that I have always had, and instead I am learning to channel it, how to dam and pool it, how to let it run free and how to manage my own expectations of perfection. I do things, especially meaningful and creative things, from a place of heart and soul; if I don’t feel connected to an idea or a project, it is sheer drudgery. This means that in order to get things done and stay on top things, I have to organize myself in such a way that I am not overwhelmed, and the admin duties of blogging and life become exciting challenges instead of just an endless to-do list.

Best Laid Plans

Goal setting is a big part of the whole blogging process for me. I am both a wide lens thinker as well as someone who is obsessive about details. I lack the interest/skills/bandwidth to manage the in between stuff, the mundane, the necessary. I delight in the minutiae and I love the big picture planning, but the everyday battle of the everyday stuff is where I lose focus and motivation. In order to stay on track, I kind of have to trick myself into getting excited about the repetitive and process oriented parts of blogging.

It’s lucky that sex blogging lends itself to a wide spectrum of experiences and inspirations. While the day to day paperwork and productivity of an NSFW blog is much the same as any other genre, it is a topic that I am endlessly fascinated by and I’m excited to let my sex blogger flag fly in 2020 and really give myself permission to dive a bit deeper and immerse myself in the sex-nerdery that is knocking around inside my head.

I am sharing this year’s goals (2019) and their results as well as new goals for 2020. In addition to goals (which are basically pass/fail – read more about my process and methodology here) I am committing to and sharing some new habits and ways of thinking as well. These may not be hard and fast goals but they are necessary changes and opportunities for awareness that will undoubtedly help me have a successful, fulfilling year of blogging.

2019 Goals – Review

Setting goals for 2019 was hard. It was really stressful and I waffled about sharing them. You can read the post from this year that details the methodology I use and my thought process around setting goals this way and remaining flexible with them. I’m happy to say that it was a very successful year:

  • 18 goals
  • 12 goals achieved
  • 3 unmet goals
  • 2 goals deferred to 2020
  • 1 goal in process/unfinished
complete Smut Marathon 2019 in the top 3
add dates to calendar
not achieved
this was never really in my control, more of a wish than a goal. There’s always 2020.
follow participants on Twitter
host a body/sex/kink positive and inclusive meme on lingerie
set up InLinkz
very proud of this one! sponsorship pending.
promote with #LingerieIsForEveryone
approach select companies re: sponsored posts
hit the 500th post milestone update and organize ideas docs January December achieved includes memes, guest posts and reviews
Place in top 50 of #Top100SexBlogs clean up navigation August October achieved 69th –> 40th! Make changes to “About me” for next year
polish up the look and feel research plugins, add featured images September December achieved great feedback
increase reach via social media with 2500 Twitter followers and 1500 Instagram followers research best post scheduling apps January December not achieved steady incremental increases already in January
blog every day in January #JanuaryJumpStart January January achieved positive response and participation
keep a sex spreadsheet
make spreadsheet
what to do with the data? added to patreon perks
set reminders to update weekly
participate in #BoobDay and #SinfulSunday, other memes at least twice each per month, minimum schedule posts, do photos ahead of time January ongoing achieved plan better in advance in 2020, this was often a scramble to complete
participate in #FebPhotoFest schedule posts, do photos ahead of time February February achieved not every day. but many. calling it achieved and will restrategize for 2020
bring back #WriteBigSexyWords choose themes, research, make visuals March ongoing achieved starts again in Jan. but it’s all set up and announced so i’m calling it achieved!
write a series of posts on polyamory continue to research/practice pitching January December in process
200 pitches work on article topics weekly January December not achieved this was very, very lofty – re-jig this number for 2020
set up Patreon decide on tiers and products February February achieved tiers still need work, consistenet planning in 2020 will make the difference
add erotic digital art to available products on Patreon launch with 25 original pieces March ongoing achieved sold so much art this year and fuck, it feels GOOD.
self publish a book of 25 erotic short stories
write like life itself depends upon it
this was a LOFTY goal, but 2020 is the year!
Make $500 blogging articles, affiliates, advertising, art January December achieved smashed it!

2020’s Goals

Setting goals for the new year was much easier this time around, in part because I was able to use the momentum from an overall successful year. A fellow blogger (I can’t remember who!) said on Twitter recently “Excellence, not Perfection” and that struck me deeply. I struggle SO much with perfectionism and neurosis around productivity and I fiddle with details and waste a load of time being worried about how good (or not) my work is. Having some wins already on the board definitely validated the need to set goals and think about how I want to spend my time and energy on the VF brand in 2020.

I’ve included goals for the upcoming year, below. Some are lofty, others are low hanging fruit. All of it seems possible, but as always, this is an exercise in more than achievement. By setting these goals, by committing them to this blog post and sharing them publicly, I’m creating accountability and opportunities to further process my ideas. Now that it’s out there for all to see, I have more skin in the game, so to speak. Pride can be a positive motivator, and that is the place I want to operate from: I am proud of what I have accomplished and what I believe I will in do the future. What I don’t want is for that pride to turn into fear; I don’t want to fuel creativity with the stress of potential failure. This balance can be hard, but practice makes excellence, (see what I did there?!) and setting up do-able goals and allowing myself to feel the full gamut of associated stress and emotions and working through them (vs suppressing them or avoiding them) is how I feel I will be most successful this year.

Write a 4 part series on Polyamory January December quarterly deferred from 2019. confirm topics, arrange interviews
Keep a Sex Spreadsheet January December monthly Patreon Perk build/design spreadsheet, set weekly reminders to update
Update Fuck-et List and achieve any 3 things on it in 2020 January December monthly Patreon Perk make updates and additions
Participate in Smut Marathon 2020 January December as directed don’t panic sign up, re-read select winning entries from past years
Increase VF reach via social media with 5000 Twitter followers and 1500 Instagram followers by the end of the year January December TBD how does one do this? read about how to do this. apps may help?
Make 100 Pitches January December weekly pitching on Tuesdays this is a priority for 2020 identify Top 10 outlets to pitch, create a bank of pitches to draw from, collect contact info, make frequent updates
Self-publish January December TBD top secret! TBD
Secure sponsorship for #LIFE January June TBD TBD identify 5 brands to pitch
Publish 12 editions of #WBSW January December monthly prep ASAP stay at least one month ahead
Blog every day in January for #JanuaryJumpstart January January daily in January what if there were daily prompts? start topic list
Participate in #FebPhotoFest February February daily in February think ahead for ideas start collecting images, schedule posts
Increase patronage to 25 patrons January December ongoing talk to more successful bloggers with Patreon review tiers/perks, create content calendar
Revenue: $2500 January December ongoing writing v. art goals? keep tax info/paper trail organized and up to date
Research and prepare for NaNoWriMo June December daily in Nov NSFW feedback club? talk to Charlie and Cara about this
Participate in NaNoWriMo November November daily in Nov don’t panic
Rank in the Top 25 of #Top100SexBlogs January December ongoing hit that About page hard. sub domains? invest in Smutancer feedback session
Participate in #EveryDamnDayInJune June June daily in June theme/topic? pre-schedule posts

You Don’t Grow In Your Comfort Zone

Pushing myself means getting uncomfortable. It’s taken me nearly a week to write this post and I have debated not posting it and just quietly going about my business all year, but sharing goals helps define and solidify them. It also stimulates conversations and facilitates support and collaboration. If I can help you with your goals this year in any way, let me know! We can be uncomfortable with our goals together! I’d love to connect and know what you’re planning for 2020.

6 thoughts on “Looking Back, Going Forward: Blogging Goals of 2019 and 2020”

  1. Just like last year, I am totally impressed with how you have done your goals for next year. And also how you have reviewed your goals for 2019. I look forward to reading more of you in 2020. I love reading your words, love seeing your images!

    Rebel xox

  2. I am trying to figure out what my blog wants to be- not necesssarily when it grows up- but even just this year. Reading this is insprational. I love your blog and your work and appeciate you so much!!

  3. Wow Violet – that is an amazing post and I love you are so organised with goals. I do have them but sometimes they just stay in my head. But you have got me thinking now x

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