Hello friends,

It’s been a BUSY week for me, full of big feels and some exciting things that I’m keeping mostly to myself right now, but all in all, a great week. The last bits of the year are always hectic and I hope you’re all catching a few moments where you can to do some festive fucking or whatever else gets your heart pitter-pattering.

5 Great Things I Read This Week

I read less this week than I would have liked, but as I said, BUSY, but I did manage to spend a few hours in some of your blogs and I have a few favourites to share.

Read Marie’s cathartic post on how needs and abilities in sex and kink can change over time as she shares her thoughts on updating her Fucket List.

Nikki’s post about a virtual threesome brought back many, many sexy memories of doing just that with long distance partners.

I’ll admit, I was fucking excited to read Drew’s post about a his recent reunion with Thumper after 2 years and it didn’t disappoint. Theirs is one of the most interesting and fluid dynamics I know of and I always love reading about their friendship.

This post from DeviantSuccubus was hard to read for me (not bad, just hard) because of how intensely I relate to so much of what she shares about fat acceptance and self acceptance,  but I am so glad I made it through.

Quinn talks us through her experiences being called a tease as a slut in a cisheteropatriarchy. If that sounds like a complex topic, it is, but as always when you read Quinn’s posts, you’ll learn something!





Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.