I chose these panties for Nillin. I wanted to send them something fun and bold – like them! – and capture the enthusiasm and fun of our many conversations that led up to packing up my cum-soiled panties and dropping them in the mail. I sat on my bed, my entire undies basket turned out as I picked through the colourful jumble, sure that I’d know them when I found them. Too plain, too lacy, too worn, too basic; I sifted through all of them and then … there the were: the perfect pair.

These particular panties have a bit of a history. I’ve long called them The Party Panties because they are silky and sexy, brightly coloured, but also comfortable and practical – perfect for a night out or any time I’ve needed some extra pep in my step. As an introvert, I sometimes need all the help I can get to get into party mode and these particular panties have been a secret weapon for many a fun time. They were the panties I was wearing the first time I went to bed with Monsieur (on the weekend that brought us these sexy posts) – I remember because he liked the lace – I’ve been thoroughly spanked through them, they have been yanked aside for fast fucks, stuffed in my mouth, and now they have been wrapped around Nillin’s girl cock and filled with their cum.

When we first started talking about this transaction, I had no idea we’d actually spend so much time anticipating it together, negotiating their requests (which were completely respectful) and discussing how and why we both found the experience so titillating. It was hot to imagine them using my party panties for their pleasure and there was something significant and very human to imbue an object with my essence, knowing that it was wanted, desired and appreciated by someone else. I’ve shared here before how complex masturbation can be for me and it’s generally more of a means to an end than a pleasure-focused experience. I wore the panties for Nillin all day,  my awareness of them, of how my body responded to them, was heightened. I was sensitive and dripping, my arousal was a constant hum, a sneaky smile played at the corner of my lips. All day they were pressed damply to my vulva, sopping up the thrill of it all. I slept in them – something I rarely do – but I wanted to give them some more time, and honestly, it was so sexy to wear them with such divine purpose. I was almost wistful when, the next morning, I pressed the Hitachi against my clit, insulated my the wet fabric and finally came. It was gushy and splendid, a huge release. The panties were already very damp, but they sopped up my orgasm. I often smell my own cunt (super delicious) and it was really arousing to know that Nillin would soon be smelling (and doing who knows what else) with them too. After a wee nap I slipped them off and let them dry (they get bad-funky if you seal them up in a zip top bag, etc.), folded them and tucked them into a shiny gold zippered bag, wrote a quick note, boxed it up and addressed the package. A DM to Nillin confirmed our mutual giddiness and that was enough to send me off for a second wank, this time in the shower.

Reading Nillin’s post and seeing their cum on my panties, was a very unique and incredibly sexual experience. It confirmed for me that I am definitely a (shy) exhibitionist, but an exhibitionist all the same. It also confirmed for me how voyeuristic I am and how much I love to see the proof of someone’s orgasm when it’s for me. This was the ultimate cum-tribute and I have returned to Nillin’s photos of my panties bunched in their hand, filled with their cum, several times just to feel the quivery twinge I get in my cunt from them. I can see how if panties/lingerie/cum stains were your fetish, how easy it would be to get hooked on buying panties but I did not anticipate the total Goddess vibes I got from choosing, wearing, and soaking panties for profit. It was about so much more than the money – which is very welcome – but the truth is that I may have discovered a burgeoning kink here. I had never considered how much of the panty-selling process would be the communication and fantasy element and how much I would get out of it. Nillin was the perfect buyer and I can’t wait for the opportunity to select, soil and send my delicates to someone again!

A big thank you to Mx Nillin for being such a generous and supportive blogging peer and for taking this sexy journey with me. To quote them: 10/10, Highly recommend.


Selling panties was a really sexy, fun and kinky experience and I’d love to do it again!
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10 thoughts on “Coming Together, Apart: The Secret Intimacy of Selling Panties”

  1. This was so hot to read about Violet! What made it even hotter was the consent and negotiation that you and Nillan had when they gave tribute. I’m a fan and can’t wait to read about other adventures you may have.

  2. I love knowing about this from all parties – it’s quite a sexy little drama playing out. I can well understand how it makes you feel goddess-like.

  3. It’s awesome that you have found a new kink, and one that can make you money as well! It is like a sexual interaction without ever touching each other, and so much is left to the imagination, which makes it seem so very inviting! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Was just enjoying reading this again when I realized I never commented on it before! So, yeah, basically I’ve come back to this a few times since you posted it for some late night inspiration before bed because this is SUCH a hot read <3

  5. I love how this was a great experience for the both of you and just how it was a great experience overall. It’s certainly something I wouldn’t mind trying either and this was a very enjoyable read

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