“It might be messy …”
My voice trails off as he slaps my bare thigh. I’ve been teasing him and being naughty and I’m mere moments from paying the price for my insolence. He crams his hand possessively between my legs and I press hard into him, needy.
“I’m gonna fuck this.” he grunts and his fingers rummage and prod as he wrestles with his own belt, fumbling to undo it as he fingers me roughly. He yanks it fully from his belt loops, the swish of warm leather making my eyelids flutter. He turns me around briskly and bends me over the arm of the couch and it’s all I can do to reach back and spread myself for him.
“Good girl,” he hisses, one hand hooked around me so he can slap and prod my clit, the other between my tits, his hand firmly on my throat. His arms are a cage and I sink into the helplessness of my predicament, my pussy flooding as I whimper and struggle for effect. If he cares that I’m bleeding, he doesn’t let on, and he sinks into me with a grunt. The squelch of blood from my period and heat of the friction as he fucks me is dizzying and I’m glad to be pressed into the sofa, toes barely grazing the floor, a rag doll for his pleasure.

“You like it like that? Little slut. You gonna take Daddy’s seed?” he’s fucking me hard enough that his voice is straining and his hands are torturing my nipples and clit, sharp pinches and scratches have me twisting under him as if I could possibly escape. I strain and twist as his fingers invade my mouth and I can taste the tang of my cunt, both the buttery taste of my own excitement and the sharpness of my period. His hand is sticky, the blood is drying quickly as he smears my mouth and cheeks with it. The red lipstick he requested exaggerates the mess he’s making of me. I’m his dumb little cumhole, his precious little whore.  I can feel myself blushing and the wave of humiliation that washes over me is deeply erotic; my nipples are puffed and aching from being tweaked and my clit is throbbing. I’m frenzied and desperate. Tears well in my eyes as I confess that yes, yes I will take Daddy’s seed because I do like it and I am a little slut. His little slut. I beg him to fill me, to breed me like the fuckdoll I am.

My words tip him over the edge and he spasms into me, unloading inside of me. I keep my body taut, cunt flexed around him. His thrusts are relentless and I can feel the effluent of our fucking seeping down my inner thighs. I’m conscious that it must be soaking into the upholstery and that only fuels the humiliation I feel, knowing he’s soiling me and my sloppy cunt is soiling the furniture. He finishes triumphantly, cumming a second time, pulling out to press his cock head against my asshole when he spurts, hand at the back of my neck, holding me still.
“Clean your self up,” is all he says as he staggers to the shower.

Before he disappears into the bathroom he pauses and smiles, looking back, sticking out his tongue. Cheeky.
“Are you good? That was so hot.”
“I’m good … just enjoying how you walked away. You’re so hot when you’re mean. I feel so … small.” He comes back to me, love in his eyes, and kisses my forehead, crawling across the bed and flopping down.
“Thank you for loving the beast in me,” he whispers. I grin and thank him for loving the slut in me. He pulls me into his arms and we hug, the scene fades quickly and we are us again. The sadist and the masochist fade and we hold each other a moment longer before we adjourn to shower together, making love again, standing in the steam. This time the blood and cum that inspired such sexy violence is washed lovingly away and we are both cleansed, both new again.


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Violet Fawkes

Violet Fawkes (she/her) is a freelance writer and sex blogger focusing on pleasure education, erotic fiction, and the intersection of identity, kink and mental health.