It was a good week for #LiFE which is something I say every week because everyone who jumps in on this meme shares awesome shots and posts. I’m forever impressed! I too got in on things this week but not with my own images. I was inspired by a set of photos I found on a free image site of a blonde woman in her undies, smoking on her bed. There was something dark and vulnerable about them, and something very sexy and erotic, and if you know me at all, you know that ticks a lot of boxes for me. So I crafted a short, dark, sad story about losing love and moving on, all while wearing your ex-lover’s underwear. It’s a weird and random tale and it wasn’t until after I’d published it that I realized just how autobiographical it was. I suppose that’s part of creating; the exorcisms.

Speaking of spooky, there were some deliciously Halloween-y images this week, thank you for being so seasonal! As always, it was a tough pick to choose “highlights” because you’re all so wonderful, but I managed. Here are my highlights for this week!


@PinkSpaceLime seems to be getting her groove back these days and it’s been lovely to see her dropping in on #LiFE recently. This image, entitled “Good Girl” speaks to me on a few levels: I love mirror photos. They are tricky and clever and they capture a narrative that is challenging without the reflection (literal and metaphorical) and when they are done well, as this one is, they can be very impactful. Along with the intense lyrics, this image says a lot, by barely showing us anything. Also, who doesn’t love a cage-back panty?






@LasciviousLucy is bringing the witchy vibes with this excellent, and also technically specific, photo. I love everything about this image, from the tone and exposure to the horned cap a la Maleficent. Corner shots are tricky and Lucy really uses the space to her advantage here, it makes me almost feel the powers she is summoning!










@PurplesGem1 aka The Purples, have done it again – these two craft fabulous images together and this one is no exception. The concept of vampiric siring is incredibly hot to me and this picture really highlights that seductive energy. Beautiful!





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Links open again on Tuesday for Week 43! See you then!

Love, Violet xo

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