A few years ago I posted a Kinky Halloween Wish List  of filthy, fun and frighteningly festive things I’d like to do, like have sex in a cemetery or go to a luxe costumed sex party, a la Eyes Wide Shut. My tastes haven’t changed and I still haven’t crossed anything off that list, so making another this year seemed silly. Instead I have put together a few of my creepier, scarier, darker stories in honour of Halloween, which will be here before we know it.

Enjoy these spooky tales!

love, Violet xo

worms eye view of fog covered forestEnchanted Forest – A dark place for dark deeds ….

He will fade into the tapestry of leaves and trees with me, calm, or He will rise, a shadowy beast, plucking and snatching at me, easy prey.”





grass field under cloudy skyCall & Answer – Eerie visuals, otherworldly connections and dark fates befall these two characters.

“I wait for you, for the storm to break, bare legs with dirty knees tucked up to my chin on the front porch as the sky turns brown before the lightning starts. With every strike I’m willing you nearer, aching between my thighs and ribs for a touch I have not yet known.”




Image result for bronze statue justiceElegant – Repression, obsession and fantasy blur for Edmond in this tale of misplaced lust and ownership.

“He pumped himself along her thighs and torso, his soft, hairy body slipping against the bronze dress, his body contorting to fit in her arms like he had practised in the mirror.”




man standing by a glass windowYours – Letting go is hard when you have a wound that just won’t heal. {CW for obsession, self harm and depression}

“His memories sent him swirling as he began to stroke himself. His spit slathered hand pumped confidently down his shaft, a dramatic tug at the head as he came back up, his mind a flickering zoetrope, fleeting snippets of her: her eyes and hands, her voice, that time he fingered her in a taxi, the way they kissed, how cool her eyes had been when she told him it was over …”



face at windowThe Stranger – Fear is an aphrodisiac …

“I feel like we’re being watched,” Paige whispered.

“Mmm, kinky,” Luke’s hand tightened at her throat as the other yanked down her leggings, finding her wetter and hotter than she’d been on the drive. “Let’s show them what a good girl you are for Daddy.”



The Garden Ghost – a cautionary tale in poem format, pairs perfectly with a crisp stroll through an autumnal cemetery (as you do)

“Her moan is like a far off dream
She’ll take your breath, you cannot scream
She’s not at all like what she seems
The cunning Garden Ghost”

2 thoughts on “I’m short and spooky and so are my stories”

  1. Perfectly creepy Halloween post! I woke up late at night like from a real bad nightmare, when you’re awake with a start, and I knew there’s someone in my bedroom who doesn’t belong in it.

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