…this week’s RoundUp was fine by PurpleSole, the man behind many a stunning image in the community’s weekly memes. Please join me in welcoming PS and do click through on his picks and support the word and image makers who have shared themselves with #LiFE this week. 

Hello, I’m PurpleSole, one half of Purple’s Gem. Along with my wife and sub littlegem we discuss our D/s lifestyle and take the odd photo or two, Ok that’s a lie we take loads. We had planned to post a picture this week but unfortunately didn’t get it ready in time. However it is a privilege to be able to judge this week, I’m always a fan and find myself having a good look through every week. It’s always been littlegem on the end of the lens, it’s fun to see her clothing collection since she is so often naked. One day I may even give it a whirl.

You can find us on our website: www.purplesgem.com Or our twitter @purplesgem1

Here are my selections for this week:


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There is a side of me that enjoys the thought of blindsiding somebody with something unexpected, like a naughty photo. Here a WhatsApp exchange could take a sharp turn if the picture in question was sent. But it’s not just the situation that I enjoy but a penis in a lacy thong looks pretty good to me.


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Kis always produces amazing photos and this is no exception. The focus is on her polka dot tights but I’m also interested in her bright red shoes and the way they wrap around her leg. The edit also gives it a vintage feel that gives it a very complete look for me.







Rantings of a nonsensical mind

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This picture makes me very happy. Stars and breasts are things that were made to be looked at so the combination here with a galaxy bra is a delight for the eyes. Littlegem is very picky when it comes to lingerie but I’m sure she’d love to have something like this.







Posy Churchgate

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If you’re going to post a picture of yourself wearing latex then you can be sure that I’m going to be clicking that button to have a closer look. Posy and her other half are casually looking around some sex shops and stumble upon a lovely purple latex corset. I can just imagine her partners face when he saw it and so he should it is stunning.


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