Welcome back to another week of Lingerie Is For Everyone!

I’ve been conspicuously absent from the link party for a dew weeks now but this may be the week that I join all of you again! We all have times where our confidence flags a bit but that’s not really been the case for me. I’ve just been really uninspired with selfies of any kind, it’s been almost impossible to muster the interest or creativity to take pictures, least of all ones in little to nothing. That ice is slowly melting, it seems, and I’m excited to get back behind, and in front of, the camera.

If you’re new here, you can read all about LIFE and how to participate here.

I received a couple questions about Lingerie Is For Everyone this week that I’ll reiterate here because they may helpful for others:

What if I have run out of lingerie?

No such thing! Wear it again! If you feel like taking the picture and sharing it but you happen to be in something you’ve worn on before, don’t worry! I think I speak for everyone when I say this: what makes your photos powerful, and memorable, is not the lingerie. It’s you. I can think of MANY images from the 8 months of this meme that have stuck with me … and I couldn’t tell you what anyone was wearing. 

Is it okay to include a post that’s just a picture without other content? Likewise, can we double up with other memes/prompts?

Yes, and yes!  

Have fun, express yourself, and know that this is a supportive community that believes that lingerie is for everyone!

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