This week’s Round Up is by Kayla from Pink Space Lime. Please make her feels welcome and check out her blog, Twitter and Instagram and follow all her ideas and adventures. Take it away, Kayla! 

Hi there! My name is Kayla. I have a new-ish blog called Pink Space Lime. I chose that name because I am a HUGE Trekkie and ‘Pink Space Lime’ is a play on ‘Deep Space Nine’. Over on my blog, I write about sex (toys, health, etc), life, mental health, relationships, and so much more. You can follow me on Instagram and on Twitter!

I am so happy to finally be a part of Lingerie is For Everyone. I’ve been so nervous about joining that my anxiety prevented me from just taking the leap. Well, fuck my anxiety, here I am! I have good and bad days when it comes to my self image, so to have a place where I can feel good just being me is wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who submitted this week. I loved each of the images so it was really hard to chose. The ones that I picked this time were specifically because of their composition. I’m a sucker for interesting lighting and bold contrast!


pink stretch top
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Stretched by Marie Rebel

I love the realness of this. The lace of the lingerie doesn’t hide their body, instead it adds a nice balance. The contrast of their body to the rich, black blanket underneath is also gorgeous.

Window Dressing- littlegem in lingerie at a hotel window
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Window Dressing by PurplesGem

I am all about the colors and the composition of this image. I love the gem tones of the room and how they match with the color of the lingerie. That lingerie is also super adorable.

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These photos are edgy as fuck, and I love them. The bright pop of the red blanket and the green eye shadow make this set. I also love how unique these lingerie pieces are.


Thanks so much to Kayla from Pink Space Lime for doing the highlights this week and sharing her Top 3 pic picks! Be sure to check out her blog and follow her, and all our participants on Twitter. Thanks for reading and supporting these great bloggers and the simple fact that lingerie is for everyone!


Want to choose your favourites next week or another week in the future? Let me know! 

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