Banana with Prince Albert piercing aka The Ultimate Accessory

Shortly after we first got together, Ralph had his tongue pierced. It healed incredibly quickly and he only had a day or two of swelling and lisping, which was kind of cute. In no time at all, the barbell in his tongue was between my legs, the ultimate accessory. He was the first lover I’d had with a tongue piercing. I was accustomed to pierced nipples and the double king’s crown piercing (see diagram below) of an ex-lover but I had never felt the distinct pleasure of a tongue piercing. There is nothing like a warm steel sphere cushioned by an eager tongue, lapped across my clit. Fuck yes. Sadly, one morning he woke with a swollen tongue and had to remove the jewellery and by the time the infection cleared up, the hole had sealed over. He’s never gotten around to doing it again, and it’s less his current aesthetic than it used to be. But he is a man who knows how to accessorize! He’s planning on getting a Prince Albert and I could not be more excited!

Image result for prince albert piercing definitionThere are so many possible piercings so I was curious as to why Ralph London has chosen a PA and how he’s feeling about it. He was kind enough to answer all my queries and allow me to share them here in a mini interview about his penis!

VF: What about getting a PA is appealing for you?

RL: Firstly I think it was the aesthetic of it. I just really like the way they look.

Secondly, once we tried sounding I discovered how good having something in my urethra felt so that just added to the desire. There’s a big curiosity about new sensations and new pleasures.

Also the idea of permanently modifying a part of my body that’s otherwise so protected against pain and injury holds a lot of appeal in a way I’m still trying to understand.

VF: Let’s stay on aesthetics: what image do you picture in your mind that can be made hotter by the presence of a PA?

RL: I think it’s the combination of flesh and steel. Soft and hard (or hard and harder). I have this image in my mind of being fully hard, so swollen that the ring is almost taught against the head of my cock.

VF: Ohhhh fabulous! On a scale of one to ten how nervous are you for the pain of the piercing and why?

RL: I’d say about a 7. I’ve done a lot of research and every account I’ve read has said the initial pain isn’t the worst thing people have felt and it’s very short lived. Still, it’s a needle going through very sensitive tissue so that’s gotta hurt.

VF: And what of the healing time?

RL: That’s the part that makes me hesitate the most. I know how to take care of a fresh piercing so I’m not worried about aftercare. But no sex or masturbation for at least 4 weeks is gonna be a new experience lol. And I hope the bleeding won’t be too bad. I’ve heard they can bleed a lot in the first few days so that will be something to manage.

VF: Perhaps get it done on a Friday and take a long weekend?

RL: That’s pretty much what I’m planning to do. Apparently the bleeding pretty much goes away by day 3 or 4

VF: That’s a lot! But you feel the pleasure will outweigh the pain and inconvenience?

RL: I do. The pain is temporary but the pleasure will (hopefully) last a lifetime.

VF: Hopefully not just for you!

RL: I was actually just reading about the pleasure aspect. Apparently the best position for intercourse with a PA is doggystyle. That way the piercing is able to stimulate the g spot directly. I’m really curious and excited to see how it feels for you. I hope you like it!

VF: I’m sure I will.

RL: I mean, what’s not to like? It’s my cock, plus extra!

VF: Exactly! Speaking of, can I share a “before” picture?

RL: Yes, sure.

VF: Thank you for having this cock-versation about getting your dick pierced. I’ll have to do a follow up after once it’s full of holes and all fancy!

RL: It *is* the ultimate accessory!


The Ultimate Accessory - b/w image of man holding penis in article about Prince Albert piercings
Ralph London, pre-Prince Albert

I’m looking forward to experiencing the novelty of a PA and to see how it impacts us both in terms of pleasure. I’ll be sure to do a follow up, and perhaps one on sounding too!


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