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We have a guest Round Up this week from fellow blogger and lingerie fanatic, SweetGirl! Here’s what she has to say about this week’s photos:

When my post Heaven and Hell was picked for the round up last week I was so happy.  MrH and I had spent ages on costume changes and posing… well alright, I did that he took pictures.. but then I had to edit them.. I saw Violets note at the bottom that they are always looking for people to do the roundup and so I thought, why not, pay it forward so to speak..

You may have come across my blog, it’s been going almost 2 years now, and is a commentary on my life since I became a submissive wife.  One of the things I struggle with constantly is my body image.  I had lost 5 stone, but I have put 2 back on, and while I am nowhere near as overweight as I was, I am once again, not entirely happy with how I look.  You can also follow me on Twitter @sweetgirl_mrh

Taking part in #LIFE and Sinful Sunday have helped me to face some of my demons but the really damaging ones just won’t be evicted easily.. you may have met them or some of their friends? I call them the “yourefat”, “yourbumsbig” and “whowouldwantyou” evil trio. But, when I see images posted on here each week, from real people, it reminds me that we are all beautiful people and that we should celebrate every inch of our bodies.

I also want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has submitted a post, and say that even if I haven’t picked your post in my top 3 please do not think your image wasn’t amazing, it was!  With that in mind, here are the posts that jumped out at me this week and why…

Classic in Red by Blue Submission 

I am a rope bunny and this image just called to me. I hope so much that one day this could be me. I love the way the rope winds around her leg, the way her body is hanging, the pointed toe and the background.  Perfect.







Rolling Like Thunder Under The Covers by Posy Churchgate

What I liked about this was the simplicity, the naturalness.
I could see movement in the images and the gentle roll of her body from the creases and lines on her waist and the shadows on her back.




The BalconetteThe Balconette by PurplesGem

This is another lovely image.  I like the classic colouring and the elegant pose.  I also really like this bra!

Once again I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who joined in for making my task so difficult!

3 thoughts on “#LIFE Week 36 – Round Up”

  1. Thank you Violet for the meme & Sweetgirl for picking my images.

    Yeah, natural is my ‘zone’ I haven’t really learned to edit pictures apart from playing with filters and frames and colour tints, so you will always see some sags or rolls or whatever my body looks like 24/7! Yes I looked firmer when I was younger & thinner before my babies but I never had THIS confidence – and it came from you guys writing nice comments.

    So THANK YOU all.

    P.S. I adore the other 2 images you picked Sweetgirl- they jumped out at me too!

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