I know I’m a bit of a broken record about this, but it’s been another banner week for Lingerie Is For Everyone. Whether there are 2 links added or 20, the people participating never, ever disappoint with their beautiful images and powerful words. This brings me to the highlights for this week, the ones that I returned to more than once or that really got my mind churning. In no particular order, here are my top 3 picks for this week:


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Heaven & Hell 

This image by @sweetgirl_mrh is so stunning to me.

The lingerie, the pose, the double mirror effect, it is all really creative and that perfect balance of hot and sweet!

This image can be interpreted so many ways and I love that it both holds my attention visually and cerebrally.








Fantasy 48 : send panties options, please 

I have maintained from day one that Lingerie Is For Everyone is not *just* a photo meme – stories, poems, song lyrics, all are welcome if they highlight lingerie and your love for it. This piece by @LexyExperiment is more about words than images but both are used with panache and skill to effect the sense of anticipation that lingerie can create, much like how a beautifully wrapped gift is always a joy to open.





Meet Me At The Corner of Vulgarity and Class

@loveisafetish consistently posts wildly erotic and provocative images and challenges the lines between art and pornography with gusto.

This image is a great example of that and I love that the lingerie is present as an illustrative tool of her overall message but isn’t the focal point. Sometimes a cigar isn’t just a cigar …










I’d like to thank everyone who linked up this week, and if you haven’t seen the other 6 posts, do go have a look, they are excellent.

As always, the linky tool will open again on Tuesday morning and remain open to join until Friday. If you’d like to volunteer to do a highlights post like this one, please reach out via Twitter or email fireandhoneyblog@gmail.com


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3 thoughts on “Lingerie Highlights from Week 35 of #LiFE”

  1. This is such a body positive concept that I do try to take part and to be chosen as a highlight post is a massive treat.. there are always so many amazing submissions to pick from.. thank you to everyone who takes part ??

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