Curve Dildo

Curve Dildo

Curve Dildo

Hotcherry spoiled me with toys for review. My first review of the treasure trove of products they sent me can be read here (spoiler alert: it’s my fave plug of all time!) and this little beauty, the Curve from Tantus is a new favourite too! It’s a great size and shape, perfect density and the “midnight purple” colour is delightfully on-brand for me.

My Dildo Requirements

When it comes to dildos, I have a ‘hierarchy of needs’ (move over, Maslow!) and the Curve satisfies all of them.

  • Like all of Tantus’ products the Curve is body-safe and well made.
  • The proportions of this toy are perfect, in my opinion: the shaft’s curve is simply excellent for G/P/A-spot contact if that’s your sort of thing and the wavy ridges on the inside curve provide texture and changes in pressure without that bumpy “washboard” feeling.
  • As far as texture is concerned, it is a firm toy that still has some give to it (my favourite) and although pliable, I wouldn’t call this dildo “soft” or “squishy”.
  • Aesthetically, I love the shape and the matte finish and ever-so-slight sparkle/pearlescent quality in the deep purple colour is really pretty.
  • My last requirement is size. You’d think that size would be more or a baseline need, but when it’s a well made toy that I enjoy for it’s materials, proportions, texture and aesthetics, size is just a bonus. This is not a massive dildo at all but it hits all the spots, so to speak and it is certainly enough. The Curve has 5.75″ of insertable length and a diameter just under 1.5″.

Harnessing the beauty of the Curve

Did I mention that the Curve is harness compatible? Well she is! The base is perfect for harness play and it has a delightful ridge that hits just right as it pushes up against, or into, the body making for great clit stimulation or an exciting sensation during anal play.  The Curve doesn’t have a suction cup base which is honestly one of it’s only drawbacks. I like the versatility of a suction cup but the Curve is very manageable in hand and is a dream in a harness, giving just the right length and shape to hit the best spots to make you feel good from the inside out.

Why you’ll love the Curve

  • top of the line materials and crafting
  • a very manageable size for most
  • safe for vaginal and anal use
  • easy to clean and sanitize  – boil it, bleach it, toss it in the dishwasher
  • smooth “velvety” surface
  • ribbed for your pleasure
  • harness compatible (1.5″ O ring)
  • no cords, charging or batteries
  • works with your favourite waterbased lube
  • great for the shower, tub or pool

The Curve is available from HotCherry for $62.99 with free shipping in the USA which is a great buy for a dildo that will last you for years if you clean and care for it.

I give the Tantus Curve the Fawkes’ Faves seal of approval. I’m a fan of this modest but mighty dildo and I recommend it to anyone looking for a quality dildo.

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